WordPress Followers

If you are a WordPress.com user, it’s easy to follow Less to More on your Reader.

  1. Go to your Reader and click on Edit next to Blogs I Follow on the right hand side.

  2. In the box above your list of subscriptions, enter http://less2more.com and click Follow. That’s it!



10 thoughts on “WordPress Followers

    1. Thank you for adding me! That’s one of the frustrating things about migrating to a self-hosted site. All my wordpress.com followers were migrated too, but it takes a while (like hours) for the WordPress Reader to get the feed every time I post. By the time, it goes to your Reader, it will be way below the other blogs you follow because it puts it in there according to the time it was posted. So, you would’ve easily missed any of my past posts. Have you considered Bloglovin? You can follow any blogs, wordpress or not. The delay of getting new feeds is only minutes. And, I like it because you can mark blogs as read or unread so it keeps track of things nicely … unlike the Reader which is just a long list of blogs. I appreciate your support!

    1. I’m sorry this wasn’t working for you. 😦 I just tried it out with my wordpress.com account, and it worked. Make sure the url that you are entering is http://less2more.com. I’m sorry I’m not really very techie. Another option for following blogs, besides email and wordpress, is Bloglovin’

      1. Thanks! I’ve often wondered why they didn’t have a widget for that, but I guess it’s because it’s on another platform. I’d love to know what you think of my new blog: simpleitalianlifecom –because I know you like to live simply too. Maybe you’d have some helpful tips?!

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