【Refurbishment】Tesvor Robotic Vacuum Cleaner X500

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Product Information
❗️This is a refurbish product
Product Dimensions: 12.9 x 12.9 x 2.9 inches
Item Weight: 6.8 pounds
Shipping Weight: 10.9 pounds
Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries
Product Description

Voice & App Control: Control your Robot Vacuum by using Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands to start or stop cleaning, and to return to charging station. You can also use the Tesvor Smart App to schedule & monitor cleaning sessions.

✅Z Type Cleaning Mode
Clean your home in an orderly manner to achieve a thorough cleaning.
✅Spot Cleaning Mode

Spot Cleaning mode is perfect if you have a particular area that needs a quick & effective cleaning.

✅Edge Cleaning Mode

Equipped with professional bilateral brushes that effectively cleans those bothersome hard to reach edges and corners leaving no hidden dust behind no matter the angle.

✅Virtual Wall Barrier

Upgraded dual-hall sensors can detect boundary stripes (not included), ensuring your robot vacuum only clean specific areas you need.

✅Anti-Falling Technology
Improved highly sensitive anti-falling technology for avoiding falling down stairs and off of ledges. No attention needed.
✅Climbing Function

Climbing onto the carpet for cleaning, with a maximum slope of 0.6 inches.

✅Ultra-Thin Design 

The 2.9-inch design allows the sweeper to move seamlessly around sofas, beds, brackets and furniture without leaving any blind spots.

✅Automatic Recharging

When cleaning is completed or the battery is low, the robot vacuum automatically returns to charging base to recharge, ensuring it’s always charged and ready to clean.





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