Considering that our product is a refurbished product, not a brand new one, we will provide a one month warranty for our products. If your products are damaged naturally during the warranty period, please complete our warranty service according to the following steps.


Customer Service - Please contact our customer service (support@less2more.com) and attach photos or videos to identify your purchase problems and follow-up steps. The way of warranty service will be our choice: (1) To provide a new spare parts or parts (2) To replace the goods.


Purchase Proof - To propose repair or replacement under our limited warranty, you need to first show us the proof for your purchase of our products. The proof requires the name and email of the person who place the order,and the date on which you have purchased the product. If you cannot show us the original purchase date, the limited warranty period will be calculated from the date we ship the items to you from the warehouse.


The limited warranty provided by our company does not include defects or damages caused by the following reasons: (1) Modification without our approval, incorrect maintenance or service, or use of incorrect parts and accessories not provided by us; (2) Misuse or failure to comply with operating instructions; (3) Parts that must be replaced regularly; (4) Use in any other way except for normal use.


Your responsibilities - (1) Use our products correctly; (2) Daily preventive maintenance; (2) Follow our instructions manual, Quick Start Guide and the correct product handling advice provided on our website.