Meet My Family

Occasionally, my family members will receive mentions and make appearances in this blog. (I will refer to them by their nicknames.) Let me introduce you to them.

20140508-114427.jpgThis is my Hubby, holding our youngest. He’s my best friend, and he perfectly complements me in every way. He has taught me, both in word and deed, to love Jesus above all else.




20140508-114608.jpgThis is my oldest, 8-year-old Grant. He’s a genius, and one day, he’ll discover I’m really not fit to homeschool him. 🙂





20140508-114654.jpgThis is my one and only daughter, 7-year-old JJ. She is the “Little Artist” of JJ’s Gallery (see tab on the sidebar). In addition to art, she hopes for a future in cooking and baking.




20140508-114747.jpgThis is my second son, 5-year-old Ky (rhymes with “eye”, like my name.) He is a good mix of energetic child and cuddly Mama’s boy.





20140508-114851.jpgAnd, last but not the least, this is my baby, 3-year-old Ace. Our little comedian provides us with endless entertainment by his funny sayings.


4 thoughts on “Meet My Family

    1. Awww, thank you! Glad to have you come by! My boy, Ky, will also be starting Kindergarten this year. He’s super excited!

    1. Thank you so much! That’s one of my favorites! In fact, most of my favorite pics are of my husband holding our children as babies. There’s just something sweet about Daddy-and-baby photos that melt my heart.

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