【Refurbishment】Kealive Vacuum cleaner VC830

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Product Information
❗️This is a refurbish product 
Product Dimensions: 40 x 24.6 x 28 cm
Item Weight: 6.42 Kg
Dust Bin Capacity: 3.50 litres
Volume: 76 dB

Product Description

✅Adjustable speed, equipped with 700W super-efficient engine and compressor duct, maximum maximal inspiratory capacity can reach 18KPa, ensure a strong suction effect. Additionally, equipped with three different brush head accessories, can easily adapt to different location conditions of hard floor to ceiling.


✅3.5L ultra large dust bucket, special 8 layer filter design allows different densities of waste to be layered, all filter components can be washed, no consumables needed, with one button dust cleaning, easy to clean and maintain


✅The 8 fold multi-cone dust filter technology can filter 99.97% of dust over 0.3 microns, provides a highly efficient HEPA compliant filter effect and effectively avoids allergies and secondary emissions.



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