【Refurbishment】Tesvor Robotic Vacuum Cleaner X500 Pro

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  • 2 in 1 = vacuuming and wiping: Wet mop function up to 80 minutes, in just one step, even leakage of water by electronic control of the water tank, no water stains thanks to special filter system to protect your floors. 3-stage intensive cleaning (low/medium/high) by app control. Please take care to remove the dust box first before wiping, then insert the water tank.
  • Intelligent app control: Use the free newly developed app for displaying cleaning routes and map storage, scheduling, cleaning zones, stain removal, directional control, point cleaning. Compatible with Google Home and Alexa.
  • Extremely good suction power with high battery capacity: 100 minutes of continuous operation, ideal for large spaces, carpets up to 15mm, hard floors, wooden floors and all other types of smooth floors.
  • Gyroscope Navigation, Efficient and Intelligent Cleaning Planning: Support map + cleaning routes, fall protection, self-charging, thorough cleaning of your living spaces with high efficiency.
  • Navigation automatic returns: Automatic return of the robot when battery power decreases to the charging station. During charging, the tank does not produce cleaning water.