Why Daddy is the “Funner” Parent (… Said My Kids)

Why Daddy is the Funner Parent

Last year, around this time, I wrote about 5 things that my husband does better than I do, to which my kids eagerly contributed. But the shocking news is that the sweet children, I gave birth to, have gone further to say that Daddy is more fun! Well, naturally, I had to gather some evidence, and this is what I discovered. You be the judge!

“Daddy makes us fly.”

Daddy will toss the kids up in the air while I nervously turn the other away. But the look of hysterical joy in their faces reveal they are not afraid to fall. Daddy’s got them, and for a few seconds, they know what it feels like to soar through the air.

“Daddy has the best hacks.”

Well who needs to fork out the cash to purchase a baby swing if Daddy puts together this contraption using the car seat?

“Daddy lets me get the last drop.”

Dad didn’t want to waste anything, so when he asked for volunteers to get the last drop of smoothie, our little guy stepped up eagerly. Not to mention my husband also squirts whipped cream directly into my children’s mouths, and they look at me like, “Why don’t you let us do fun things like this, Mom?” For the record, I have let them lick the beater from my KitchenAid after making whip cream, so I think we’re even here.

“Daddy plays the funnest games.”

The kids and I have played Candy Land, Spot It, Jenga, and other games. But Daddy takes games to a different level, like “Who can sit under the dropping baby drool the longest?”

“Daddy lets us dump out all the Lego toys.”

When I walked outside and saw the scene pictured above, I was about to let the kids have it, but then I realized that the culprit who dumped out the whole Lego bin was right there building with them. Ok, so it was very clever of my husband to use a tarp to contain all those tiny bricks. But somehow, I still ended up being the one to clean them all up.

“Daddy turns the shopping cart into a roller coaster.”

Fine, fine. He does turn the shopping cart into a fun ride, but when they have to ride a real roller coaster and require supervision from an adult who is less prone to motion sickness, guess who has to endure the twist and turns? Ahem … yep, yours truly.

So are my kids right? Is my husband the “funner” parent?


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4 thoughts on “Why Daddy is the “Funner” Parent (… Said My Kids)

  1. Eugh my little boy is all about his Dad. I’m the boring one and he just thinks Daddy is amazing haha. I kind of don’t mind though. If he is ill or sad he wants his mama! 😊😊😊

  2. Most of my children seem to prefer their daddy, too. *Sigh* My oldest daughter is starting to appreciate me more, and the nursing baby, well, it’s a given that she likes me better. 🙂

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