The Amazing Powers of a SuperMom

The Amazing Powers of a SuperMom
We’ve all heard the term: “SuperMom”. What exactly makes her “super”? Can you really put her in the same category as Captain America, WonderWoman, or Superman? Perhaps you’ve cringed at being addressed as a SuperMom. You wonder how you could rightfully claim such a title, being well aware of your non-kryptonite-induced weaknesses and failures.

But even though Mommy may not feel like the superhero the world makes her out to be, her children see through different lenses. And I think upon closer observation, they will notice Mommy has some rather amazing powers.

Her kisses make the booboo’s go away.

There’s just something about Mama’s kisses and cuddles that make all owies better. But even if a cut needs a little more TLC, Mommy seems to have a magical way of cleaning the wound and applying the perfect bandage.

She can produce a sweet treat at lightning speed.

Who can resist chocolate chip cookies? But how does she make them so fast? Little do her children know that she’s got tubes of dough stored in the freezer. But wait till she becomes a grandma … she’ll have the power to pull out all kinds of sweet stuff out of her purse to spoil any crying kid.

She can see from the back of her head.

She’s at the sink, washing dishes. So how did she know her little angel was trying to sneak a cookie out of the jar? Somewhere behind that tangled updo, she’s got a pair of eyes that never sleep.

She makes books come to life.

When she opens a book and reads, she transports her children to another world, where rhyming is normal, animals talk, and happy endings are guaranteed.


She knows. Before they can come up with an answer, she knows.

Don’t get caught in a mind game with her. She knows what her kids will do before they do it. And I would warn against any attempts of falsification. She’s a walking lie detector!

With one look, she can make her kids do what she wants.

Is there some invisible force behind those eyes? Maybe the secret is in that one raised eyebrow, hypnotically bringing her kids under her control.

Her tickling fingers have the power to render her kids helpless.

No, not the fingers! Must get away from them! They are worse than Kryptonite! And when she starts dispensing zerberts (aka, raspberries) on the tummies, it’s all over for these kids!

Hey, SuperMoms, what’s your favorite super power?

You may not feel very super most days, but I bet you your littles think you have some pretty cool powers. Happy Mother’s Day!


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The Amazing Powers of a Super Mom


34 thoughts on “The Amazing Powers of a SuperMom

  1. These are such sweet super powers <3. My favorite, for me personally, is the superpower of song to soothe babies into calmness for bed :).

  2. Reading this.. you made me feel like a super mom. I don’t have that feeling very often. But I try my hardest to do the things you’ve written about here. Especially with the books, and making them come alive. Thank you. It’s so easy to beat ourselves for what we didn’t do, we forget the things we do make happen.

  3. This is so sweet ❀ My boys do joke that I have supersonic hearing πŸ˜‰ That and I usually know when they're up to mischief before it happens.

  4. My mom’s super power was making books come to life. She gave all 12 dwarves from Lord of the Rings different voices. She gave me a love for reading and stories, and now I’m a writer!

  5. Our family is really into super heroes right now. I love the analogy of a super mom. It fits most moms!

    1. Yes, I think of my own mom and my mother-in-law. I have a ways to go before even coming close to measuring up to their level of “superpowers”. πŸ™‚

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Super Mom’s reading this Super post! I love that we can all “see from the back of our heads” πŸ˜‰

  7. This makes me want to cry! Reading this reminds me of my own mother whom I miss dearly. I think my favorite super mom power is turning an “outdoor” activity into a shopping experience at the end of the day! Haha. I don’t like to go shopping with anyone, even now, but my memory of shopping with her as a young girl made was enjoyable.

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