5 Cheap & Easy Decorations for Your Next Travel-Inspired Party

Cheap & Easy Decorations for Your Next Travel-Inspired Party
I love a good themed party: the invitations, the food, the games, and the decorations all coming together under a unifying theme. I’m sure it’s easier to walk into Party America and purchase one of their generic party kits, complete with banner and streamers. But because I can be cheap, I’ve pulled all-nighters on more than one occasion, assembling decorations for my kids’ birthday parties.

Recently, I was tasked with decorating for our homeschool community’s Open House. Before I go on, let me come clean. I’m not crafty or artsy, but there’s just something about Pinterest that makes me believe I can produce what I see there. Not to worry though … the ideas presented here are for the most amateur of DIYers.

I chose a travel theme because there were many directions I could take with that, which would fit in with the school event. Most of the travel-themed decorations I found on the internet are for weddings, but you can certainly tweak them for birthday parties, baby showers, or even a child’s room.

Here are 5 travel-themed decorating ideas that won’t break your wallet or require you to be a professional crafter.

Use What You Have

Before you spend all this money buying decorations that you’ll probably use once, look around your house. You may already own things that you can use. For this theme, consider maps, globes, luggage, compass, clocks, atlases, or travel brochures. The trick is displaying them so that they stand out, like placing them at the dessert table or next to the guest book.

Map It

In this day and age of GPS, does anyone still use paper road maps? Believe it or not, they have not yet become extinct. Some car insurance companies will even give them to their customers for free! These handy maps can be used to make a unique banner, or paste them around a jar or a can filled with flowers.

Paper Airplanes

You can put the kids to work with this one. I have one child, who makes a couple of paper airplanes a day. Use different sizes of paper or even patterned paper for some variety. Or you can combine this with the previous idea and make airplanes out of those road maps. Thread some string through them and hang them from the ceiling for a cool effect.

Luggage Tags

All you need to make luggage tags are some string and rectangular cards trimmed diagonally on on one end. You can make large ones strung up together to make a banner or small ones as place cards or tags for the favors. 

Directional Sign

Making a personalized sign is easier than you think. We used the large paint sticks that the home improvement store gives out for free. My husband took the extra step of staining them because he’s cool like that. But you can use them as is and write out your signs with a permanent marker.

Give these ideas a try, and I’m sure the end result will be way better than the store-bought party pack.

Do you have any ideas for DIY travel-themed decorations? Share in the comments!


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      1. Ahh yes I do and I also do lot of travel them crafting too ( I posted some of my works on instagram 🙂 ) so this is definitely inspiring! 🙂

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