Just an Ordinary Day: The One Where I Had to Get Crafty

I haven’t done one of these in a while, sharing just a little slice of my life. This particular ordinary day was last Friday. For those who don’t know, we homeschool, and typically, we have a more relaxed schedule on Fridays because, well, we can. Usually, that means a tasty breakfast (involving something sugary), catch-up school work from the previous days (extra motivation for them to get work done earlier in the week), art, and more free time for play.

What better way to start this Friday than with Caramel French Toast.

I especially love this breakfast treat because …
1. I can make it ahead the night before.
2. It’s baked with it’s own caramel topping, so no other syrup required.
3. It’s a great way to use up stale bread, buns, or the ends of the loaf that no one wants.

So after breakfast and kitchen clean-up, we hit the books. Spring fever was definitely in the air because everyone seemed to be dragging their feet with finishing up their work. Even I had a challenging time staying focused

But I also had other things occupying my mind. We participate in a once-a-week homeschool community called Classical Conversations, and this Friday night was going to be our Open House. A couple of my kids were going to perform and demonstrate with their classes what they had been learning all year.

And as for me, I was tasked with decorating the place for the event. Let me tell you … this was a stretch for me. I don’t craft unless I have to, such as moments like this. So when I was asked to take this on weeks before the open house, naturally, I went straight to Pinterest. Then I felt even more inadequate. So many great ideas, so little time. Those beautiful images on Pinterest were just mocking me because reality kept punching me in the face.

But Pinterest wasn’t entirely useless. I found a few things that were actually doable. (I’ll share that in another post in the future.)

So on this particular homeschool day, art class was replaced with help-Mommy-with-these-decorations. The kids didn’t seem to mind.

By the afternoon, I sent the kids to their rooms for some nap/rest time. They were going to need it because it was going to be a very full night. I was intending to rest with them, but alas, I procrastinated on those decorations, so I used that hour to finish things up.

My clean-shaven Abe Lincoln and My cute Colonial girl
The Open House was a success! The kids, dressed in different historical costumes, performed a timeline song for the audience. Each class also had its own demonstration of what was learned during the year.

My proudest moment was when my son went up on stage to receive one of five special recognitions of Memory Master. To achieve this, he had to recite 24 history sentences, 24 science facts, English grammar facts, Math facts and formulas, 120 geographic locations, a 161-event timeline, 5 Latin noun endings, and all 44 U.S. Presidents without any errors. I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

After cleaning up the place, we packed up the van, exhausted. It was past the kids’ bedtime, but before heading home, we stopped by the store to get some ice cream for a special treat.

After the last lick, the kids went to bed. Well, they didn’t exactly fall asleep right away. But we make exceptions for these not-so-ordinary ordinary days.

How was your day?

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14 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Day: The One Where I Had to Get Crafty

  1. Love the decorations. I am so with you in that I don’t craft unless I have to. Most of my stuff could be photographed as “pinterest fails,” yours are pinterest worthy. You have found a new follower:)

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