5 Most Interesting Search Terms From My Blog

I grew up during a time when research meant going to the library, when you called a friend to get advice, and when your bookshelf was occupied by encyclopedias you purchased from the salesman who rang your doorbell. Nowadays, much of that has been replaced by one thing: Google. Though there are other search engines besides this one, the term itself has entered our everyday vocabulary to refer to any information gathering we do on the internet. And whether they mean to or not, some of these everyday researchers, who typed in their search terms, have somehow ended up on this blog.

5 Most Interesting Search Terms From My Blog


So as a fun way to celebrate this blog’s 2-year anniversary, I thought I would share some googling attempts which have appeared on my site’s stat reports.

“spandex covered backsides”

This is probably the strangest one. The person looking for options in stretchy fabrics for their back ended up on the post Why I Love My “Covered Goods” Nursing Cover. Shortly after having a baby last spring, I purchased this multi-use cover after seeing a friend use it while nursing her baby. I loved it so much that I couldn’t help but share it with the world. If you’re in the market for a nursing cover for yourself or for a friend, check out my review on Covered Goods and find out why this is not your ordinary cover-up for breastfeeding.

“the fine line between being a help mate and a control freak”
“how can i get even with disrespectful husband”

I put these two searches together because they yielded the same result, even though the first one was probably from a man struggling with his possibly “over-helpful” wife and the second was likely from a woman wanting to go to war with her man. Either way, I hope they found some help with the post 5 Ways You Can Disrespect Your Husband and have come to a better understanding of one another.

“my husband wont fix our fixer upper”

I wonder what the person, who googled these words, was hoping to find. Did they type out of frustration? Or were they really looking for some answers … like how to convince your husband to do some home renovations or how to do it themselves. The post they landed on was Fixing Up Our Fixer-Upper, my contribution to a project called “Starter Stories” by Compass, a tech-driven real estate platform.

“Lord pls dig me out of this mess”

This one kind of makes me sad. What desperate situation did this person face that they had to go to Google or Yahoo to find answers? We don’t have to search the Internet to find help from God. He actually makes it a lot less complicated than that to find Him. I’m not sure what post they found through their search, but I hope it was this one … When Things Are Looking Down, Look Up

This was a fun way to stroll down the bloggy memory lane! I can’t believe it’s been two years already!

Are you a blogger? What are the most amusing searches that you have found on your blog stats?

Or what are some interesting things that you’ve googled yourself?


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8 thoughts on “5 Most Interesting Search Terms From My Blog

  1. How to get even with a disrespectful husband? HA! These are great! I haven’t figured out how to find the search terms, but I’d be interested to see what brings people over. Happy Blogiversary!

  2. These are so funny! I love reading the search terms. Unfortunately more often than not they are “unknown” search terms now, but I’ve gotten some REALLY inappropriate ones!

  3. Those were pretty funny/crazy searches that landed them on your blog. I get some weird ones from time to time too. Happy 2 year blogiversary! That is awesome!

  4. These are awesome! I have not gotten any interesting search terms so far… most have been products that I have reviewed, not fun ones like these. 🙂 Happy Blogiversary!

    1. I know that sometimes search engines “hide” the search terms, so I’m sure there are a lot more unusual ones bringing folks to our sites that we don’t know about. 🙂

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