8 Signs You May Need a New Goal-Setting System

8 Signs You Need a New Goal-Setting System
I used to think the best part of homeschooling is the part when we are not homeschooling.

It’s when Fed Ex drops off box after box of shiny, new curriculum, books, and school supplies. It’s when drawers are cleaned out, new pencils are sharpened, and beautiful boxes of untouched crayons are opened. It’s when new binders are empty and ready to be filled. It’s when lesson plans are made and when our color-coded family schedule is proudly displayed on the fridge.

And then school begins. Papers start piling up, instead of making it into the binders. School lesson plans have to be amended … again and again. That beautiful family schedule is probably under the fridge with the dust bunnies and lost Cheerios. And I realize it was a lot easier writing out my goals than setting out to accomplish them.

Maybe this is why, every year, people join the masses and go through the ritual of listing resolutions despite the high failure rate. Maybe for some folks, the best part of writing out New Year’s resolutions is writing out New Year’s resolutions.

Have you made a habit out of recording annual goals without seeing them through to December 31st? Here are 8 signs that may indicate it’s time to reevaluate your goal-setting system.


1. You abandoned your New Year’s Resolutions back in February (or earlier).
If you’re still hanging in there, good for you! But it’s a proven fact that most of us have given up on those resolutions weeks ago.

2. You like to proudly say, “I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions.”
Why even write out resolutions? Just come up with one word … your one word to keep you focused for the rest of the year. I just can’t pick “fitness” or “exercise” though because those words tend to be forgotten by February too.

3. You like reading goals shared by your favorite bloggers and are living vicariously through them.
It’s kind of like watching a workout video without actually working out.

4. You make your list and don’t know which one to tackle first.
Goal-setting is more than just making a list of tasks. If you don’t prioritize and have a purpose and plan of action, you will feel paralyzed.

5. You can’t find your list of goals.
Hmmm … oops, it ended up in the garbage. Or, your toddler created his latest painting masterpiece over it. Or, it’s at the bottom of the pile of papers you need to look through (Hey, tackling the paper pile is one of my goals … I think).

6. You realize you’ve had the same goals for the past 5 years.
Maybe you’re trying to set a record, but I don’t think that’s a thing.

7. Coming up with goals for a whole year seems overwhelming to you.
Especially when you’re just trying to survive one day.

8. Your goals are like the pictures on your walls.
They don’t capture your attention the way they did when you first put them up. And after a while, you don’t even notice them anymore.

Do you need some help and inspiration to rethink your annual goals?

Do you want to arrive at December 31st and feel like you did your best to stay on task for the past 365 days?

Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom, along with her husband Jesse, are offering their popular 4-Week Make Over Your Year Course. You will get a downloadable workbook, which includes encouraging words from Jesse and Crystal, and worksheets to help you through the goal-setting process. You will also get 4 one-hour video sessions, where they teach through the material and help you take solid steps towards accomplishing those goals.

I was able to preview one of these videos, and it was done in a very relaxed and informal manner. It will feel like they’re sitting across from you in the living room, sharing about how goal-setting has had a great impact in their family.

Click here to order yours today.


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