5 Things I No Longer Have Since Becoming a Mom

5 Things I No Longer Have Since Becoming a Mom
It’s time again for “5 Things”, where I write about 5 of anything I can think of. But, truthfully, much of what I think about these days concerns my current station in life: mother to 5 young children.

As I sit here reminiscing about that moment I first laid eyes on my firstborn, it did not seem that long ago. Yet, so much has changed … my wardrobe, for one. (Although perhaps, by the time I’m able to fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes again, they might actually come back in style.) But besides bidding adieu to some favorite clothing items, there are at least 5 more things I have had to part with since becoming a mom.

1. Sleep

I had a heads up about the lack of sleep after bringing home our newborn, but no one told me this season of sleep deprivation would last this long. Even after sweet baby reached the celebratory milestone of sleeping through the night, some other kid would have bad dreams, bed-wetting incidents, fear of the dark, separation anxieties, etc., etc. That’s ok … too much sleep gives me a headache anyway.


2. Sensitivity to Gross Things

From the moment I changed my kid’s first soiled diaper, there has been no turning back. When you let your snotty-nosed child smother you with kisses without flinching or the scent of vomit has no effect on you, you’re liable to be labeled a supermom or just plain crazy. But when I find myself hovering over the toilet, taking a picture of my little one’s ginormous poop, I’m inclined to think I’m the latter.

3. Small Purse

Over the years, my purse has become the keeper of more than just a wallet, keys, and chapstick. Random toys, a diaper, travel wipes, hand sanitizer, and stray Cheerios occupy that space as well. My wallet alone is bulging, not from dollar bills, but from the excessive amount of medical and insurance cards I carry for me and the kids. In other words, cute, small purses are not an option.


4. Short-term Memory

I’ve been planner-dependent as far back as my long-term memory can recall. My short-term memory, on the other hand, has been slowly deteriorating since having kids, as evidenced by the fully-marked pages of my daily calendar. Is it that my days are more busy or that I just can’t depend on my brain to remember anything unless I write it down?

5. Solitude

I would have to get up pretty early in the morning to get any measure of peaceful solitude. I probably had more privacy in the girls’ locker room after gym class than I have in my own bathroom. The frantic knocking, jiggling of the door knob, and notes passed under the door while I’m in the bathroom lead me to believe it is my children’s purpose in life to remind me I am not alone.


Motherhood has certainly ushered in many significant changes. But, I can’t really lament my state, for what I no longer possess pale in comparison to the 5 beautiful blessings I have gained.

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22 thoughts on “5 Things I No Longer Have Since Becoming a Mom

  1. So true! And it’s funny, I think all of these are true for Dads as well, except for the Sensitivity to Gross Things. It seems to be only Mums who develop this Insensitivity!

  2. Haha These are very true! Although I do have a small purse when I go out without the kids. I have found that I have barely anything I need for myself.

  3. I have two under two at home right now and I don’t even know what sleep is anymore. As far as my memory…it’s shot. Like, I give up. Don’t ask me to remember anything you tell me. If you really need me to, write it down. On my forehead. Or I will forget. My how motherhood changes us.

    1. If you write it on your forehead, you will still forget and walk out the door with smeared pen marks on your face … and you still won’t care. As long as your child is in one piece. That’s motherhood, right?

  4. Totally related to this! And I only have one! LOL! I found solitude while grocery shopping alone last night! I went in for just a few things, but ended up leaving with $70 worth of food! I found myself just roaming around, putting things in my cart and just enjoying the alone time.

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