16 Ideas for Memorable Photo Books

16 Cool Photo Book Ideas
Last weekend, we spent some time purging … our house, that is. I had hoped to do more, but our master bedroom alone took all day to clean up. It became the place where outdated clothes, too small for the post-pregnancy years, accumulated … where banned toys resided … where old CD cases collected dust … and where boxes of photos remained untouched.

I had high aspirations to make a special scrapbook for my child, but that was when I only had one. Now, 4 kids later, I have more pictures in my digital collection than ever, and those empty scrapbooks sat on the shelf, silently mocking me. Every summer was designated as a time when I can catch up to untangle the mess of photographed memories before I completely succumb to the sad effects of the Mommy brain, forgetting all the details of my children’s early years.

But who was I kidding? I was never gonna get to those pictures.

Fortunately for a failed scrapbooker, like me, I don’t have to endure the walk of shame for long. Photo books have allowed me to preserve some treasured memories without having to print any more unnecessary photos or leave a table full of colored paper and X-Acto knives for my curious little ones to find.

16 Cool Photo Book Ideas

One of my favorite kind of photo book to make is a school yearbook. When I’m plagued with thoughts of whether or not my kids learned anything from being homeschooled, it’s a comfort to look through those pages and see that school actually got done in the midst of laundry, cooking, and other chores.

16 Cool Photo Book Ideas

But a school yearbook is not the only thing you can make with a photo book. Here are 15 more cool ideas:

1. Vacation memories
2. First year of … (i.e., your child, your marriage)
3. Monthly highlights of the year
4. Wedding Album (Less expensive and less bulky option to capture a special event.)
5. Alphabet book (Get your kids involved by taking pictures of things that begin with each letter.)
6. Collection of children’s art
7. Children’s story book (Personalize it with your kids’ names and photos, or put their own story in a book.)
8. Activities of the season (Have a special book for each season.)
9. Book to hand down to your child when they reach a milestone age
10. Book of firsts
11. Guest book (wedding, milestone anniversary, or party)
12. Photo scavenger hunt (Turn a game into fun memories.)
13. Farewell or Milestone Gift (Collect notes and pictures from friends to put in the book.)
14. School project/field trip
15. Cookbook keepsake (Include family favorites and old family recipes.)


Want to preserve some memories and make your own photo book?

Shutterfly offers beautiful photo books with different themes that will fit your style. They also have plenty of idea pages if you need some inspiration!

Click here to get started.


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8 thoughts on “16 Ideas for Memorable Photo Books

  1. This is such a great idea! I used to make up photo albums, but I’ve just decided that they take up entirely too much space, so I purged them and decided to just keep my photos digital. But this is a really good idea. I think I’m going to make up a (very few) specially-themed photo books.

    1. I take way more pictures with a digital camera, but that also means that it just stays in the computer or hard drive. Putting them in photo books means we get to enjoy some of those memories over and over again.

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