Brush Your Way to Glowing Skin: The Jen Charming Body Brush {Review}

I’m a low maintenance kind of girl. Call it lazy, but that’s just how I’ve always been. I don’t wear too much makeup. My usual hairstyle is a ponytail. Adding a little bit of gel to tame the frizz is a step up. And my daily beauty regimen pretty much consists of brushing my teeth.

But I’m getting old. And, this low maintenance girl realizes she needs to start exerting more effort in taking care of her slowly decaying body. My skin, for one, has become an issue. The battle with dry skin can no longer be fought with lotion alone. So when I heard about dry brushing, I thought, “Dry what??”

Brush Your Way to Glowing Skin: The Jen Charming Body Brush

Jen Charming Body Brush Review

According to Jen Charming, dry brushing is the removal of toxins and dead skin cells from your body. By regularly brushing your body, the skin will feel softer and more natural.

Jen Charming sent me their Dual Head Body Brush to try it out for myself. [affiliate link]  But, where do I begin? Fortunately for newbies like me, instructions on how to use the brush are on the Jen Charming website. So, I began with my feet, brushing up my legs. Then, on to my hands and up my arms. Finally, the torso, the front and then the back. The long handle was helpful for getting my back.

At first, it felt … well, weird. My skin wasn’t used to the friction. But by the second use, I was feeling pretty good. Honestly, it was quite relaxing to brush my skin.

So after a few weeks of body brushing twice a day (morning and night), I did notice a difference. My skin did feel softer and smoother. The rougher areas, like elbows and knees, took a bit of work, but I can definitely see the effectiveness of dry brushing. I thought about sharing some before and after pictures, but — Ahem! — they were somehow deleted from my phone, and you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Jen Charming Body Brush Review

It takes me about 2 minutes to dry brush from start to finish. That’s about the maximum amount of uninterrupted time I get before hearing the door knob jiggle. “Mommy, so-and-so hit me.” “Mommy, I need toilet paper.” “Mommy, why is your door locked?”

So anyway, 2 minutes tops! I remember years ago, following this skin regimen that required 4 or 5 steps. First I used the moisturizing cream, then exfoliated with this other cream. Or was it the other way around? Yep, it was a bit complicated. Not to mention it was expensive to buy all those products!

The Jen Charming Body Brush is easy to use, reasonably priced, and made well. I bought a similar brush at Walmart to use in the shower, except that it was plastic. I got what I paid for … a cheap brush that eventually ended up in the trash.

When I need a mommy break, a relaxing day of being pampered at the spa sounds like a plan. Oh, who am I kidding? That thought never really enters my mind. Who needs to spend all that money at a posh spa anyway? I’ll take my 2 minutes and my Jen Charming brush, and I’m good to go.

Are you interested in giving body brushing a try? You can find the Jen Charming Body Brush on Amazon. Click here to order.
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14 thoughts on “Brush Your Way to Glowing Skin: The Jen Charming Body Brush {Review}

  1. I have read about body brushing before, but I have never tried it! Great to hear your review on it.. I will have to check out this brush!

  2. I’d never heard of dry brushing until recently. It looks really interesting and my skin could definitely use some help. Especially, my heels. Thank you for the review of the brush. I think I may have to get one.

  3. I have been trying to get better about doing this. I rarely remember before I get in the shower in the morning and I use magnesium oil before bed, and that doesn’t work well with dry brushing. I need to work on the habit!

  4. That’s a good tip! Thanks! I was getting to that point of “lotion isn’t enough” but wasn’t sure what to spend money on. This helps! I’m totally a low-maintenance girl too.

    1. Haha! I’m the other way around. The diet and physical activity are things I have to really be intentional about or it will never happen … unless you count running after my kids as physical activity. 🙂

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