5 Things I Learned From Our Theme Park Day

Theme Park Lessons for Mommy
It’s time for 5 Things, where I share 5 of anything that happens to be on my mind. And since this blog has recently been all-things-theme-park, I figure I’d keep going with that. But, unlike the previous posts on how to save money at these places, this one just takes you on a tour of the park, as seen through my eyes.

Well, the night before our fun day, when the kids were tucked in bed, my husband and I were on the internet, planning our day at the theme park. It was just one day, and we intended to maximize it. We noted the height requirements for the different rides, made a list of the attractions to visit, and studied the map to determine the most efficient route.

The park’s hours of operation were from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm. Shall we dare stay the whole 10 and a half hours? Would the kids be able to hang? Would we?

Well, we did. I don’t know how, but we did. And, we didn’t choke each other in the process. But, I did take away 5 lessons from that eventful day.

Theme Park Lessons for Mommy

#1  Things won’t always go according to plan.

No matter how meticulous we were in planning each step, there was bound to be unexpected detours. For us, it happened at the entrance gate when my ticket was scanned, and I was told that I had already used it last month. Huh? Really? Would I really go there without my family? I mean, I know I need a break once in a while, but going to Target by myself will do.

#2  We should’ve circled all the bathrooms on our map.

After our ticket misunderstanding was cleared up, we took less than 10 steps when my youngest boy announced that he desperately needed to go potty. Where’s the nearest bathroom?? And of course, this happened a few more times throughout the day.

#3  I can still ride a roller coaster.

I used to ride roller coasters all the time, but my fears have grown over the years. Since some of my kids are old enough to ride them now, I have to toughen up a bit. If I can handle 20 hours of labor and delivery, surely a 2-minute thrill ride is tolerable.

Theme Park Lessons for Mommy

#4  Consuming a funnel cake can always be justified.

It was almost closing, and we were beat. As we made our way to the exit, a place selling funnel cakes happened to be conveniently located near the gates. Though I can easily say no to my kid asking for those cheesy souvenir magnets, we will surely make room in our budget for funnel cakes.

#5  A fast food dinner at 9:30 pm is an exception I’m willing to make.

As we loaded up the van, the kids asked if we were going to eat dinner. I thought, We just had a delicious funnel cake dinner. But no, they were still hungry.

I was achy. I was tired. And the last thing on my mind was lecturing my kids on healthy eating … and after walking around that park from morning till night, a bacon cheeseburger and curly fries sounded like a good way to end a very long day.

Theme Park Lessons for Mommy

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22 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned From Our Theme Park Day

  1. Hey it comes with theme park days amd famy life! We do the best we can but a lot of “rules” go out the window sometimes for the sake of a nice day. Glad you had a good time with the family!

    1. Yes, you have to pick and choose your battles sometimes. Family outings, where things are very out-of-routine, usually means many of the rules won’t be enforced. That helps me too and keeps me from stressing out so much. 🙂

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