5 Ways to Save on Theme Park Tickets

We did it! We went to an amusement park this summer! While I give my legs and feet a break from all that walking, this would be the perfect time to share with you some ways you can save money if a trip to one of these places is in your future.

The high cost of admission tickets is the biggest reason why we don’t visit these overcrowded establishments too often. Of course, the bigger the name, the more money you’ll spend on tickets! If the sign has the word “Disney” on it, you will not find the word “cheap” anywhere near it. Unless you win your tickets in a contest, expect to pay a lot, but here are some ways to soften the blow.

1. Don’t buy at the gate.

Usually you can get a discount if you purchase online and/or if you designate the specific day you’re visiting when you make the purchase. This is when preparing ahead definitely pays off!


2. Think outside the park.

Sometimes there are places, besides the park itself, that offer discount tickets. I’ve seen coupons and deals advertised at local grocery stores or in magazines. You can google “cheap tickets at such-and-such theme park” and find something legit to save a few bucks. Our go-to place for tickets is the military base. Thank you, Dad, for your service!

3. Put your kids to work.

Look into programs that encourage kids to “earn” their tickets. Six Flags has a Read to Succeed program that our children participate in. They each have to rack up 6 hours of reading time in order to get a free admission ticket. Check with your child’s school and see if they take part in something like this.


4. Start homeschooling.

Some parks designate “Homeschool Days” in their calendars, where they offer tickets at a lower price. Is it worth adding on the role of homeschool teacher to your already long list of responsibilities? Well, consider that tickets from the Happiest Place on Earth for a family of 4 could run you about $400. Happy now?

But if homeschooling is not your thing, check online for other special days when the park sells tickets at a discount.

5. Go before your kid turns 3.

For most places, 3 is the magic number when a child moves from a status of “free” to “$49.99”. Ok, so maybe your kid won’t remember a thing at 2 years and 11 months old, so just take lots of pictures to prove to them later on that they really did meet Mickey Mouse and friends.


Do you have other ideas for saving money on admission tickets? Please, do share!

Stay tuned! There’s more to come on this little summer series about visiting your favorite theme park!


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15 thoughts on “5 Ways to Save on Theme Park Tickets

  1. This is such an awesome list!! I live here in L.A. and my trick for the last 10 or so years has been craigslist. Sometimes people will have tickets with additional days on them etc that they are willing to sel. They will sell them dirt cheap sometimes (I have gotten disneyland tickets for $20 before!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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