Just an Ordinary Day: Minions Everywhere, Itchy Eyes, and an Ice Cream Social

It’s time for another edition of Just an Ordinary Day, where I share the happenings of a day in my life.

It began as a typical Friday morning. Breakfast on Fridays is usually pancakes or French toast, a detour from the usual oatmeal/cereal/toast rotation during the previous days.

What wasn’t so typical was that I made the pancakes by myself. Usually, my kids are eager helpers in the kitchen, especially on pancake day. But on this day, most of them were sleeping in. Strange. What happened to all my early risers?

Well, there were two, who were up with me that morning.


During breakfast, we went over our Bible memory verse. With the arrival of our baby and taking a break from our regular homeschool schedule, I’ve fallen off the habit of going over our memory verses, so we’re trying to get back into the practice again. “… train yourself for godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:7-8)


Since we’re still not in school mode, the kids and I are enjoying the extended free time. This day being the opening day of the highly-anticipated Minion movie, I had to explain to the kids that even though “everyone” else is watching the movie, we never go on opening day because of the crowds. Not to mention paying for admission to the theater for our big family usually means an early withdrawal from our retirement accounts. Even without a movie night in their near future, minions were still very much on their minds.


Speaking of minions, I found myself looking like one of these yellow creatures. After some excessive rubbing to relieve my itchy allergy eyes, I noticed a huge fluid pocket in my left eye. Let’s just say I freaked out. And when I came to my senses, I googled it. I think I had chemosis, irritating my eye from all the rubbing. I tried all the home remedies and prayed it would go back to normal by the evening since we were expecting company over. By the afternoon, my eyes were still red but at least I looked less minion-like.

We had invited the families from our Bible study group for a Friday night ice cream social. So, I assigned the kids to hospitality prep duty, cleaning up just the main areas of the house.


We had such a great time with our dear friends that I neglected to take any photos of our fun evening. It wasn’t until after the last guest left that I snapped the photo below of my boys, dancing on our table. We don’t have any outdoor furniture, but the night was so nice that we just moved our indoor dining table out. Added some stringed lights for some ambiance and voila!


How did you spend your day?


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12 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Day: Minions Everywhere, Itchy Eyes, and an Ice Cream Social

  1. I hope your eye is fine now. We love minions too n most of the times I believe my daughter is an avatar of minions. I loved to ready your usual day events Ai 🙂 and the pic of your youngest one with the minion is so cute.

  2. So fun! My bro and sis-in-law are super into Minions and want us to see the movie, it looks really funny. Your kiddos are so cute.

    1. It does look funny. We still haven’t seen it yet, and my kids are getting anxious that it will be gone soon. It seems so popular though … I don’t think it’s going anywhere for a while.

  3. Hope your eye is better! Love that pic of the baby and the Minion. I got two free tickets for Minions but we are still going to wait until the crowd dies down. My daughter is always talking about going to the movies but it is so expensive unless you get some sort of deal.

  4. Yikes! I hope your eye is feeling better, that sounds uncomfortable. I love the pictures of your older kids looking so lovingly at the little one. She is incredibly precious. I had no idea the Minion movie was even out! We’ll have to make it a priority to take our kids. 🙂

  5. Hope that eye is better now!

    I hear ya with going to see movies on opening day, it is just so crowded and expensive, I find it more fun to just have a night in and enjoy movies with loved ones 🙂

    Those are some super cute drawings by the way.. 😀

  6. I appreciate the fact that you engage your kids throughout the day and try to keep them involved. And I am glad to know that your family does not always make opening night either … Being a parent can definitely be expensive!

    1. Aww, thank you for your sweet comment! Yes, I agree … it can be very expensive, but there are so many ways to save and live on less. I think we’re spending less now (as a family of 7) than we did then (as a family of 3).

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