Why I Love My “Covered Goods” Nursing Cover {Review}

Covered Goods Nursing Cover Review

It was a beautiful Mother’s Day afternoon, a nice day for a picnic at the park. My husband was keeping our two little ones happy and busy while I attended to our baby boy.

It was the perfect setting to enjoy one of the amazing privileges of motherhood. I donned my nursing cover, placed the baby underneath, and upon latching on, he immediately went from cries of hunger to gulps of satisfaction. I was in motherhood bliss.

… until, days later, I noticed this picture. Look closely … past my cute littles.


Yes, that is the rear view of my nursing experience. My nursing cover only offered privacy in the front but neglected to cover up my exposed backside. The image bubble in my mind of the contented mama and satisfied baby burst as I saw the reality in that photo. Now embarrassed at the thought that someone else at the park saw my wardrobe malfunction, I became more conscious than ever when nursing in public … even with the use of a nursing cover.

So when I recently saw a friend of mine using the Covered Goods nursing cover, I was intrigued, to say the least. And once I received my own in the mail, I excitedly tore open that package to try out the cover, and much to my baby’s delight, she immediately received an unexpected feeding.


You can find lot of nursing covers for sale, but I wanted to share about Covered Goods because this is really unlike any of the ones out there. Believe me, I’ve seen all kinds throughout the years, having breastfed all my kids (my oldest is already 10), and now, I’m on #5.

Why do I like this nursing cover so much?

Because something is always worth owning when you can find at least one more use for it.
This is described as a “multi-use nursing cover”. Need to cover the car seat while your infant sleeps? This one won’t blow away in the wind. Going to the store but shudder at the thought of your child touching the germ-infested shopping cart? This handy item stretches right over the kiddie chair of the cart.


Because it always feels 5 degrees hotter when you’re nursing a baby.
Since this cover is made of a very lightweight material, it helps with the temperature problem. Particularly during the summer months, my children always emerged from under the nursing cover red-faced and sweaty. But if my baby could speak, she would tell you it feels much cooler under Covered Goods.

Because I have a 4-year-old who wants to play peek-a-boo with the baby while I’m breastfeeding.
Covered Goods has some spandex in the material, so it loosely fits around the baby. It’s enough to deter any accidental lifts from curious tots or even from your nursing baby. You can even dare to feed your little one on the windiest of days … this nursing cover will stay put.


Because no one needs to see my bare back. (It’s not a pretty sight.)
Nurse your baby anywhere. On a stool, a backless bench, or even a picnic blanket at a grassy park. You can feed your little bundle comfortably, knowing that you have complete coverage.

Have I convinced you yet? This really is the best nursing cover I’ve ever owned. I only wish it had been around when my other children were babies. Do you know an expectant mom who could use this?

Click here to order!


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14 thoughts on “Why I Love My “Covered Goods” Nursing Cover {Review}

  1. Now you tell me! Hahaha I’m mid-way through nursing my 3rd baby and I think we’re done…..think. But I love the pattern and colors and overall look of this nursing cover! I’ll have to keep it in mind to recommend to friends….or if we end up having a fourth. I just said that, I must be crazy. 🙂 Thanks for the useful info!

  2. I really like the pattern. I’m not someone who usually uses a cover – except for rare occasions, but I like this quite a bit. I love the fact that it covers your back. I usually sit somewhere where my back is against something so as not to bare anything so this actually looks like it makes it easier to nurse, which is very appealing! I am going to check out their website!

    1. Yeah, I don’t use a cover when I’m at home, but I have found this cover very useful already when I’m out and can’t find a chair that would completely cover my back. Also, whenever we have guests at the house, I feel like I can nurse and still be with everyone instead of retreating to another room. I know some people get uncomfortable around a mom who is nursing, even if she’s covered up, but sometimes people don’t even notice I’m nursing because the cover just looks like a shirt I’m wearing.

  3. I have heard so many great things about the Covered Goods covers that I almost want to try one for BabyT#3. Usually I don’t use one past the first couple of weeks/months. Once baby and I are in a good routine and good with everything I ditch the cover.

    1. The nice thing about it is that you can use it for other things. Some women, who are done with nursing, still use it as a cover for the shopping cart. The stretchy material makes it very versatile.

    1. Haha! It is embarrassing to think about it. I try not to dwell too much on the past. 🙂 Are you still posting on your blog? I recognized the blog name on your comment, but I couldn’t click on it.

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