Just an Ordinary Day: Books, Baking, and Baby


I thought I would start another semi-regular series on the blog, giving you a glimpse of an ordinary day in my life.

Now, an ordinary day may not be the most exciting day.
Then again, it may contain a bunch of extraordinary little moments.

It may follow a perfectly planned route (yeah, right).
Or, it may be full of unexpected detours.

It may fit into a nicely outlined blog post.
Or, it may be a hodgepodge of stories called life.

However it turns out, I wanted to document a typical day–the good, the bad, and whatever’s in between. Perhaps in my ordinary day, you will see just another wife and mom, trying to do her best, often failing, but depending on the grace of God every hour. Perhaps you will see someone just like you.

So my ordinary day began like any other day. My baby girl actually had a longer stretch of sleep during the night, so I felt a bit more energized upon waking up … just a bit. And, since it’s summer vacay, the kids have been sleeping in a little … just a little.

I was able to get some alone time, planning out my day and checking email. I was also looking forward to doing my Bible reading, but alas, the first child awoke from dreamland and came into my room. This used to be so frustrating for me, but God has been faithful to free up my time later in the day so I could spend some time with Him. And now, I welcome my kids’ sleepy-eyed faces and even their funky morning breath. A little bit of cuddle time, and we’re off to start our day.

We normally keep going with homeschool during the summer … just a lighter version to keep those wheels turning. But, with the new baby here, it’s taking me some time to get back into school mode. No one’s complaining though, especially since we’re all savoring the time with the newest member of the family.


The kids have been able to find ways to keep busy. My oldest, Owen, has been working on a book series. He has 12 books already planned out, and he’s currently on Book 3. If he keeps at it, he may finish it all by the summer’s end.


We also had a huge library haul the other day, so the books are keeping them occupied, especially my daughter JJ. Just a year ago, she had trouble with reading and was so discouraged. But, within the year, she learned how to spread her wings, and she is flying through these chapter books!


Months ago, my husband picked up a package of dark chocolate/mint chips at a store’s clearance rack after the holidays. I had forgotten about it until now. I took a look at the “best by” date and knew we had some emergency baking to do.


The Mrs. Field’s cookie cookbook (pictured above) has always been my favorite. I “stole” it from my parents’ house long time ago after I moved out. The butter-stained pages, flour stuck in between, and old pieces of cookie dough that have hardened on the paper just show how well-used this book is.

Baking is one of the main ways that I get to spend time with the kids. Sometimes only one of them will come into the kitchen and ask to help. But given that the plan was to make chocolate chip cookies, they all wanted to help.


It was nearly time for our quiet hour, but I thought it would be torture to have them wait for their first bite of cookie after all their help in making them. It’s hard enough to wait just the few minutes for the first batch to finish. Pictured below, this has become their favorite spot, waiting and watching the timer count down, after putting something yummy in the oven.


After dinner, we had movie night, a DVD we picked up from the library. Surprisingly, it wasn’t badly scratched up, and we were able to watch the movie all the way through. Then, some more baby-watching and baby-snuggling that by the time it was lights out, my little Lovey (as we like to call her) was tired of all the wet kisses.


What are some highlights of your day? Tell me in the comments or if you blogged about it, include the link.


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14 thoughts on “Just an Ordinary Day: Books, Baking, and Baby

  1. Very sweet – looking forward to seeing more of your life 🙂 … The photo of the library books brought me back to childhood and how we used to go to the library – what happy memories 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes, trips to the library are highly anticipated for our kids. I just have to remember to bring a few bags … we’ve been coming home with more and more books each time.

    1. A quiet hour what I call our “nap time”. Some of my kids have outgrown afternoon naps, so we sometimes call it quiet hour for their sake. Just means they can do something quietly, not necessarily nap. I look forward to the quiet myself. 🙂

  2. I love day in the life posts! Always fun to peek into someone else’s life for a little bit!
    Your kids look so adorable sitting in front of the oven like that!

  3. So cute…love all the pictures of your kids. Nice job on all the reading! And it’s such a nice surprise when the library DVDs play all the way thru!

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