5 Things Daddy Does Better than Mommy


In an effort to simplify my writing process, I will try (emphasis on the word try) to do a series once a week or every 2 weeks or 3 weeks … ok, I will get to it when I can. Anyway, I will call it “5 Things”. How’s that for open-ended? For each post, I will share 5 of anything that strikes my fancy.

And since Father’s Day is tomorrow, I present to you 5 Things Daddy Does Better than Mommy, as seen through the eyes of my precious children.

1. Building Stuff

I’m not a handy person, but boy, am I glad I married someone who is! Whether it’s building Lego blocks into something cool or putting together a new deck, Daddy definitely does it better.

2. Cooking

Though I do most of the cooking around here, Daddy is, hands down, the better cook. Unlike my husband, I’m recipe-dependent, so as long as I have a good recipe on hand, I can put together a decent meal. The father of my children, however, can add a pinch of this and a little of that, and the result is culinary heaven!

Even when Daddy prepares a simple lunch for the kids, they will go on and on about how that’s the best sandwich they’ve ever had. “Wait a minute,” I protest. “Didn’t I just make you the same sandwich the other day?” Honestly, I think he just slaps on an extra layer of Nutella in their peanut butter & Nutella sandwiches.

3. Play-fighting

Karate, wrestling, and even stick-fighting (yes, this is really a form of martial arts from the Philippines, called Arnis). Daddy does it all! Mommy just nervously looks away, trying not to think about possible trips to the E.R.

4. Driving

My husband says I drive like a nervous grandma, both hands gripping the steering wheel too tightly, neck tense, and sitting too close to the wheel. So what if I failed my driving test the first time? That was a long time ago. I think I’m a pretty good driver, but according to my kids, Daddy wins this one.

5. Giving Piggy Back Rides

I have racked up a combined total of 45 months of back-straining, sciatica-producing pregnancy. And once my youngest child outgrows the Baby Bjorn, my kid-carrying days end. Fortunately, Daddy is still strong enough to give piggy back rides.

My kids have done a good job of convincing me … I think I can share the title Super with Daddy. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “5 Things Daddy Does Better than Mommy

  1. Very cute! My husband is much better at all of those things than me too. Especially the building, carrying, and fixing stuff. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures.

  2. How sweet! Husbands are truly gifts in a family. And when they become Daddys, they become even more amazing! Dads do so much to keep a family running happily. My husband is definitely a better builder and piggyback rider too.

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