4 Things You Don’t Need to Buy When You’re Expecting


When we found out we were expecting our fifth child, “shocked” doesn’t quite fully describe our reaction. We had given away most of our infant stuff, preparing to leave the baby years behind. God had other plans for us.

Without a stockpile of baby things in storage, it’s like we’re starting over again. But I hope years of experience have taught us that we can save money by avoiding purchasing things that largely remained unused during the past 4 baby stages that we have gone through.

If you are a new mom-to-be, here are 4 things you really don’t need to spend money on.

1. Maternity Clothes


I had a lot of stretchy type pre-pregnancy clothes, so I was able to keep wearing them throughout the pregnancy. It’s getting tough, though, during this last month, as my clothing selections have decreased tremendously. I have a couple of nice tops that I can still wear when going out, but honestly, when I’m at home, it’s yoga pants and hubby’s t-shirts. And I’m ok with that.

For pants, I could not have survived without the Bellaband.

This one investment has kept me from buying any maternity jeans. I just hook some ponytail bands through the button of my jeans and use the Bellaband and to cover it all up. [affiliate link]


If you want maternity wear in your wardrobe, there are ways to get them free or almost free. Thrift stores are a good place to start. If you happen to have a circle of friends, who take turns getting pregnant, maternity clothes can just be rotated. You can also join local groups, like Freecycle. In our community, I always see Freecycle postings of folks giving away maternity and infant clothing.

2. Matching Bedding


It’s so cute when you see all the different patterns and designs of bedding on display at the store. But, honestly, all you’ll really need are some fitted crib sheets, which you’ll constantly be rotating through the laundry pile because of spit-ups, diaper blowouts, etc. And, that matching crib bumper and quilt will end up in the closet because of the potential suffocation hazard to the baby.

3. Changing Table

Changing table

Our changing table has morphed into a toy shelf to a book shelf to a tool storage in the garage. And the only one who got to use it as an actual changing table was my first kid. If you’re limited on space, this is probably a non-essential. 99% of the time, I changed my kids on the floor.

4. Store-bought receiving blankets and hooded towels


I don’t get those 4-pack receiving blankets sold at places, like Target or Walmart. They’re too small to properly swaddle your baby with. And, the hooded towels are no better. They’re too short, not very absorbent, and just left my baby shivering after a bath.

The blankets and towels that I have kept over the years are of the “made with love” variety. I’m thankful to friends who are gifted with sewing because now, we have blankets and towels that are the perfect fit.

Ok, all you seasoned moms out there, what else can you add to this list?


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14 thoughts on “4 Things You Don’t Need to Buy When You’re Expecting

  1. Agreed about the hooded towels and receiving blankets. Not sure why I spent money. I did (and still do) use a changing table for my almost 2year old twins. They’re fine with it and it saves my back.

    1. Since this is likely my last one, I didn’t want to invest in maternity clothes, but it is a must when you’re just starting out. But, like I mentioned in the post, there are different ways to get them for free.

  2. I was so lucky this pregnancy in that I had two friends gift me with pregnancy clothing! It’s true, if you have a circle of girlfriends you really don’t need to buy maternity clothes!

    Diaper pails are overrated. I never bought one and when one was given to me, I didn’t use it. I ended up donating it. I’d rather just throw dirty diapers in the trash can. Anything that requires buying something special (ie special bags to refill said diaper pail) is not something I’m interested in.

    Shoes for baby. My kids don’t wear shoes until they walk. So… therefore why do they need shoes?!

    Baby bibs. I never use these! I’m sure there are people out there who use them, but I’ve never liked putting them on my baby. I’m talking about the soft variety here that comes with an outfit. Once my kid starts eating food I like the vinyl type.

    Great post! Less is more. 😉

    1. Oh, I love all the things you added! Totally agree! We got a diaper pail after our first one was born and just ended up returning it at the store. Same with the shoes … got them with the first baby, but realized how useless they were. Just one more thing to put on. 🙂

  3. I love my belly band! I do get maternity jeans and tops for later in pregnancy, just because it is easier. SInce I’ll be pregnant in the summer again with BabyT#3 I will be looking for lots of tunic tops and sun dresses. 🙂
    We have never had a swing, just don’t have the room for it. No changing table either.

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