Flashbacks: One Year of Blogging Adventures


I grew up watching popular family sitcoms, like The Cosby Show or Family Ties (yes, I am dating myself). One of my favorite types of episodes are those flashbacks, when the family gathers in the living room and starts reminiscing about the past. As a viewer, you get to travel back in time as well, getting snippets of some of your favorite episodes.

This post is somewhat like those flashback episodes. Since this blog just turned 1 year old, I’m kind of in a reflective mood. So, here’s a look back at some memorable posts of the past.

Top Viewed Post


There is not even a close second. This post on 6 Ideas for No-Cost Date Nights has been viewed more than any other on this blog. This is largely due to The Penny Hoarder sharing it on their Facebook page … many thanks!

Most Commented Post


I have not always welcomed my little ones in the kitchen. It was my domain, and though I had envisioned a happy mom and kids baking cookies together, my personality was, at first, much too controlling for that to become a reality. However, I could not squash their eagerness to help, and slowly, I’ve let my guard down and allowed them to participate more in kitchen activities. Now, it’s become one of the ways that we bond together.

The Post that Explains it All


I participated in a Blog Hop, where bloggers “tagged” each other with the topic Why Do You Write?  I really enjoyed thinking through and explaining my writing process. This post really goes into what makes me tick as a blogger.

My First Post


There’s probably a total of 2 people that read this post, but it’s really the main theme of this blog. This whole concept of stewardship is what launched me into starting this site in the first place.

Thanks to all of you, who have taken the time to support this endeavor of mine, by reading, sharing, and commenting! Lord willing, there will be more blogging adventures ahead!


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6 thoughts on “Flashbacks: One Year of Blogging Adventures

  1. What a cool way to celebrate your first year of blogging success. I have loved getting to know you more through this blogging world and am so encouraged and inspired by you. Here’s to many more years!!!

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