Fixing Up Our Fixer-Upper

Special thanks to Urban Compass* for inviting me to participate in their project called “Starter Stories”, a collection of stories from different bloggers about their first place. Here’s my “Starter Story” …


I bought my first home before getting married … the home that we’re living in now.

That wasn’t exactly Plan A. I had opened an account to start saving up for my dream wedding, but, alas, the only wedding bells I heard belonged to my friends. This longer-than-expected waiting period allowed my savings account to increase quickly, but so did my collection of bridesmaid dresses.

With no suitors clamoring for my attention, I decided to put that money in a house instead. It was a competitive market, but I finally found one within my budget. It was liveable but old. If I was on a quest to be even less dateable, buying this fixer-upper put me up there on the list. What guy would want to be with this girl, who now owned this house in need of some repairs? Well, my guy did. Love is blind, they say.


Fast forward 12 years later … we’re still here, but with 4 additional little occupants. A lot has been done to this old house, but we certainly didn’t tackle them all at once. Taking a slow pace with home renovations has allowed our wallets to breathe a little easier and provided us the time to just enjoy our growing family without the stress of paying off mounting debt.


So, let me take you on a time tour of the last 12 years and the things that God has allowed us to fix up in this place we like to call home.

The house, when I bought it, was pink. Now, I can stand a little pink here and there, but a whole house?? It’s just not us. On the plus side, people visiting us for the first time never had trouble finding our place.

I never took a picture of our pink house, so you’ll have to take my word for it. This is the “After” picture (we were actually trying to sell our house before, but decided to stay).
Step inside though, and you’ll discover what the previous owners’ favorite color must’ve been. The kitchen has always been the center of activity in our home. When we would have people over, most of them would end up gathering within the U-shaped counter. So besides trading in the pink tiles, we trimmed the counter to create a more open feel. And to save some money, we kept the cabinets and just painted them.


After the kitchen, the living room gets the most traffic. To update, we pulled out the peach carpet (so, not pink, but perhaps it just faded to peach over time) and replaced it with wood floors. I was so glad when we did this because with 4 little ones, you can imagine how many spilled drinks, pee pee, and vomit have seeped down into that carpet.


Our most current project, which is still pending, is the deck. The wood was rotted, and when my husband took it apart, it wasn’t even secured to the bottom posts. The new floors have been laid out and when the weather gets better, hopefully, he can finish off the steps and rails.



What about you? Do you have a “Starter Story” to share? Do you like fixing up the old to make it new and more you?

*Urban Compass is a real estate platform that connects folks searching for NYC apartments with the neighborhood that matches their personality and taste.
Disclosure of Material Connection: I have not received any compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the brands, products, or services that I have mentioned.

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12 thoughts on “Fixing Up Our Fixer-Upper

    1. Yes, God is good! I remember my mom being worried after I bought the house, thinking I’m stuck trying to fix it up all by myself. God had other plans!

  1. NIce job on your fixer upper! My husband and I have been fixing up our home for over 23 years – it’s a work in progress!

    1. Yeah, ours has been and will continue to be a long process! Whether we get it all done or not, I’m thankful to make a lot of fond memories in this old house.

    1. It’s funny because some of the renovations we tackled because we were trying to sell our house. I’m glad it worked out that we actually stayed and got to enjoy the updates!

    1. Oooh, I would love a his & hers sink, but it probably won’t work for the space that we have unless we totally redo the whole layout of the bathroom.

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