5 Simple Ways to Show Someone You Care


You may have hundreds of friends on Facebook but still feel very alone. Or perhaps it’s your birthday, and the only card you received in the mail was from your dentist (and we all know this is really a cleaning reminder in disguise). You can even have a couple of BFF’s but feel like you can’t really confide in anyone about what you’re going through.

And even if this doesn’t describe you, there is probably someone you know who is exactly in this place in life. I suppose the easier thing to do is to turn the other way and pretend you don’t notice or tell yourself there’s enough on your shoulders without having to bear another’s burdens.

But reaching out is not as hard as we think it is. And in the end, we may find that we have been blessed more as the giver than we’ve ever been as the receiver. What can you do to show someone you care?

Remember their birthday

Like I said, a cheesy birthday postcard from my dentist doesn’t exactly produce sentimental feelings. But receiving an unexpected birthday greeting from a friend certainly makes my day. I don’t make a big hoopla about my birthday, but when someone remembers, well, it’s just plain sweet.

Mail something

You don’t have to wait for someone’s birthday to mail something. Send an encouraging note to someone just because. Though there are so many faster ways to receive a message, there is still nothing more personal than holding a handwritten letter in your hand.


Call them

Another lost art, besides mailing letters, is calling someone. Why call when you can find out what someone is up to on Facebook? Why have that live conversation when you can just text? I personally find it easier to text someone for non-urgent things because a phone call would require me to hide out in the bathroom from my kids. However, there are some matters where a personal phone call would be more fitting.

Follow up

If someone shares something with you, remember it and ask them about it the next time you see them. Believe me, this can take effort, especially if you’re sometimes a scatter-brained mom, like me. But this is when a conversation switches from small talk to a meaningful exchange.


Invite them

Have them over. This, too, can also take effort if you have a house that looks like it was shaken around in an earthquake but, in reality, is just occupied by a bunch of rambunctious kids. But an invitation into your home, even a less-than-perfect home, can help break down the walls that someone may have put up.

Do you have more to add? What are other ways to be a friend to someone?


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33 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Show Someone You Care

  1. This is a wonderful list. I miss the good old days where people actually called and spoke on the phone, rather than sent a simple text message. Technology is wonderful but it’s easy to lose the personal connection with friends and loved ones. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, you lose a lot in conversation when you’re texting. You can’t tell a person’s tone or even misunderstand what they mean. I try to limit texting to quick messages or questions and reserve the important conversations over the phone or face to face. Thanks for visiting!

    1. There’s not new to us, but I think many of us (including myself) can admit that we’re out of practice with some of these things.

  2. A good friend of mine just said she is going to delete her Facebook so that she can have “real” contact with people and I said what about your friends that don’t live close and she said she is planning on sending cards for every occasion/holiday and starting to write more letters. I kind of had to laugh because I am not one to do this because let’s be real…postage is freaking expensive! Why not send an e-card or a quick Hi on Facebook. I think whatever way you reach out is showing that you care.

    1. It definitely takes more work to mail things, and it may not work for some people. But I have to admit that when I receive something in the mail from a friend, I really do appreciate that they took the time to do that … especially considering that, nowadays, it really does take more effort.

  3. I love lists! And this was a very good one. I have found one of the seemingly obvious, but often forgotten, ways to show someone you care is just to remember something about their life. (ie. did their mom just have surgery, is their husband traveling for work). Remember it and ask them about it.

  4. These are great ways to connect with others. It really is true that the best path out of loneliness is reaching out to people

    1. Yes, well said! Often my loneliest times have been because I’ve become too preoccupied with being lonely. Getting my thoughts on others and considering their interests before my own eliminates those lonely feelings.

    1. Yes, they really don’t take too much time at all. We sometimes think they do because we get distracted with far too many things, don’t we?

  5. These are great reminders to be more intentional with our time. I love the idea of writing letters. I’ve started going back and forth with a couple of friends writing letters before, but in both situations, the habit has ended. It’s something I’d like to pick up again.

    I think that one great way to show someone you care is to practice being a good listener and asking good questions when you talk to them. Oh, and eye contact. Getting past the surface “hi, how are you?” questions and really trying to get to know one another shows people that you want to know them on a deeper level and that you are interested in who they really are.

    1. Being a good listener is something I want to keep growing in. Often, I’m quick to reply, even before hearing everything the person has to say. It’s a good exercise of self-control to just quietly listen. Sometimes, hurting people just need someone to listen to them, not necessarily give them advice right away. I know I need that in my life.

  6. A wonderful list! I am often one of those people who needs this so I try to do these things for people as well. I will certainly keep these in mind! I love the hand drawing on your blog, it is so super sweet and such a cute idea!

    1. Aww, thank you for taking the time to comment! The hand drawings are courtesy of my daughter … she is a much better artist than I am.

  7. Great tips! I miss getting letters but need to be better about doing that myself. I personally like calling people, unless it’s a short text, but agree that my kids always want to talk so I sometimes end up hiding in a room to make the call.

    1. Yes, this happened to me the other day when I picked up the phone to make a call. I wasn’t planning on a long conversation, but my kids were at it with fighting over a toy only seconds after I dialed. Haha!

  8. What a great list. It is so important to show that we care. Thanks for your thoughts, they help find even other ways to show that we appreciate the people around us.

    1. Yes, a simple “thank you” or “I really appreciate that you did this or that” is enough to make someone’s day. Thank you for visiting!

  9. These are good ideas… it seems we have lost the art of being REAL friends… and substituted it w/ being “facebook” type friends…. which really isn’t much of a friend at all. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. What a terrific list of ways to show you care! I will definitely incorporate them into some of the things I already do on a regular basis!

    Thank you for sharing this post on the SHINE Blog Hop!

    Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx
    Welcome to My Circus
    Co-host #SHINEbloghop 2/5

  11. These are such good reminders… I need to follow up more on my friends. I find that when I am in the moment with them, I can be completely present, and then life takes me elsewhere after that moment! I must be more intentional about this.

    1. Yes, life definitely get busy, and it’s so easy to get caught up in our own world. “Intentional” is the right word. We have to make it a point to do it.

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