LEGO Toys for Rent: Let’s Pley!


I honestly have never heard of LEGO® toys until I became a mom, and now I am surrounded by them. Almost every room in our house contains these famous interlocking bricks, whether it’s a model on display, a work in progress, or stray pieces on the floor that my bare feet always seem to find.

Now being better acquainted with this popular toy, I also know how over-the-top expensive they can be. My oldest son, especially, has a long wish list of LEGO play sets that will likely never be fulfilled in his lifetime. Sorry, son.

However, thanks to an awesome company called Pley, he may be able to assemble some of models on his list.

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Pley is a company founded by parents that provides the well-loved LEGO bricks to children without their parents going broke.

This is how it works.

Once you sign up, you select a LEGO set that your child wants. There are over 250 to choose from, including the bigger Duplo blocks for smaller hands.

Once your kid is done, you ship it back to Pley (the shipping label is already included), and you can get another set. You don’t pay for each set you rent or the shipping costs. You are only required to pay the monthly membership fee and get as many LEGO sets as your mail carrier can handle.

You can even set up a “Pleylist” to make shipping even faster. When Pley receives the set back, they will automatically go to the next set on your “Pleylist”. How cool is that?


I did have to explain to my kid that we don’t get to keep it. He wasn’t too broken up about it because he knows he can get another one in a few days. However, you may be able to purchase sets directly from Pley if your child cannot part with it.

There are other pluses with this program. The LEGO bricks are always cleaned and sanitized before shipment. They come complete with the instructions. And, if you lose a few pieces (within reason, of course), they are very forgiving … no extra charges. This is a parent-run company, and they know tiny blocks will get lost now and then.

So, we received our first set, and my boy was super happy with it! Can’t wait to get the next one!


Are you ready to Pley? Click here to get started!


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22 thoughts on “LEGO Toys for Rent: Let’s Pley!

  1. Wow! This really is a great idea, but don’t tell my son! LOL My only concern would be keeping the sets we rent separate from our own.

    1. I hear ya! We set up a “Pley” table where my son could work on the rental set, and we had to establish rules about not mixing them up with their other Lego blocks. I kept telling my kids, it’s like a library for Lego … we have to take care of it so other kids can play with it after us.

  2. I made a note of this site.. I saw it posted somewhere before. I was wondering what condition the legos came in, great post!!

  3. What a neat idea! My son is only three, but when he gets older (and the sets get more expensive) this might be a great option to keep costs down!!

    1. My youngest is 3, and he’s already playing with Lego because he sees his older siblings into them. Pley also has the bigger blocks (DUPLO) for younger kids.

  4. It’s Netflix for Legos!!! Genius! Thanks for the tip-my husband has been searching high and low for an affordable Lego set for our oldest. And I will love it too because when she’s done with it, I can get rid of it! Win-win!!

    1. Exactly! Does Netflix still do the DVD mail service or is everything all about live streaming now? I, too, love the idea of not keeping the clutter once the kids are done with it.

  5. This is absolutely the most brilliant idea. Ever. I’m a little bit ashamed to say that my dad is more addicted to Legos than my daughter. We probably have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of Legos in our basement. We could probably start our own business just like Pley!! Thanks for linking up at #SHINEbloghop 🙂

    1. It is a great idea! I’m glad we discovered it before spending any more money on brand new sets. Thanks for visiting from the SHINE Blog Hop!

  6. My oldest son, has a collection of legos that I believe If I make a sum for all the sets that he had it would worth more than 1,500 however, I also believe that at his age he is 13 this is a hobby. But indeed, it drive me nuts those little plastic bricks! This would be interesting to share with my friends. visiting from #shinebloghop17

    1. We have a thick, shaggy rug, and those little Lego pieces are always hiding in there. My feet or vacuum will always find them. This rental system is a good way to keep the amount of clutter under control. Thanks for visiting from the SHINE blog hop!

  7. This is BRILLIANT!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    So, how does the first set (trial 14 or 15 days) work? Do they choose a set for the child or….?

    1. When you sign up, you get your first set free. If you don’t want to continue, just return the set before the 15-day trial is over, and contact them to cancel. Easy-peasy!

    2. And, you can choose the set that you want. They are categorized by size. For your free trial, you can select up to size medium (also called “super fan”). The monthly fee for this is $25. However, after the free trial, if you decide to continue on with Pley but want to go with the lowest membership fee of $15, you should switch your plan to “Small Sets” (also called “fan”) after your free trial. Email me if you have any more questions.

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