Tips on Giving Your Child a Haircut


I have three boys, and much to their dismay, haircuts happen pretty frequently. One easy way for us to save money is by giving them haircuts ourselves … or I should say, my husband is the one who gives the haircuts.

You can do this too! Invest in a good set of hair clippers. For a girl, you’ll need a comb with a pointy end, some clips, a spray bottle, and some haircutting scissors. These items are not very expensive at Walmart or other big box stores.

If you’ve never given a haircut before, fear not. That’s what YouTube is for!

If your child seems resistant, here are some tips to help keep this a pleasant experience for you and your child.

  •  Give advance notice with a nice pep talk. You don’t want to catch them off guard by suddenly appearing with clippers in hand while they’re playing, announcing, “It’s haircut time!” That’s just scary!
  • Having a haircutting cape is helpful, but sometimes, the little hairs still get in there, making them itchy and wiggly during the haircutting session. You can take some toilet paper, enough to fit around their neck. Fold it lengthwise a couple of times, so it looks like a long, thin piece of paper. Wrap it around their neck, then put the cape just on top of the toilet paper, which acts as a barrier
  • Use a barstool. This makes it easier on your back. If you’re concerned that they might fall off, you can try a highchair or booster chair.
  • Play a favorite movie. Even better, let them pick one out. This may help the squirmy types. Also, if your child is afraid of the humming sound of the clippers, turn the volume of the movie way up.


  • Have a treat ready during the haircutting. We don’t do this anymore, but we did it a lot when our boys were younger because they were scared of the clippers. Our treat of choice was M&M’s. Pop one in their mouth when they start to fuss, and it’s like magic. It also helps when they have to tilt their head a certain way because you can hold out the candy in the direction you want them to turn.
  • Give them lots of praises and encouragement, and when it’s all over, be sure to squeal over how cute they look!


Have you ever given your child a haircut? Share your experience!


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23 thoughts on “Tips on Giving Your Child a Haircut

  1. I was doing pretty good cutting my son’s hair until he started hating it! He moves so much and then hair gets all over him making him move and cry more! I am not giving up, but this time I think a pro needs to fix my mistakes…it is that bad =(

    1. I know. It’s so hard when they get so wiggly. One of my kids used to be really hard to handle. We couldn’t even put him in a chair. My husband had to sit him on his lap and lock him in with his legs, and I would just sit in front of him, holding his hands to keep him still and to soothe him. It’ll get better. If the haircuts are frequent enough, hopefully, he’ll get used to it.

  2. I have been cutting everyone’s hair (except my own) for MANY years! I love that we save so much money, especially with three of them being males and needing frequent haircuts (yes, I do my husband’s as well). 🙂 Great tips, Ai!!

    1. I tried doing my husband’s hair once, and I was so scared I was gonna mess up. I was a nervous wreck, and I never did it again. Thankfully, my husband already knew how to cut his own hair.

  3. Yes! My husband cuts everyone in our family’s hair. His, mine, and our sons. Our baby girl hasn’t had a haircut yet so we will see about who cuts her hair. I may be a little more particular 😉

  4. Oh, and one more tip/idea…we try to plan haircuts on days when we can cut the boys’ hair outside. Clean up is so much easier. (And, I won’t say if a leaf blower has ever been used on the boys post-haircut…)

    1. Your hubby also cuts your hair? My husband offered to cut my hair, but I was too scared. Glad you mentioned about the outdoor haircutting session. We do that too sometimes. I agree … so much easier cleanup! Leaf blower, huh? You’re giving me some ideas. 🙂

      1. My guy cuts my hair too. Saves me hundreds a year and always a great haircut. He has even taught me how to cut my children’s hair. Better results than the salon and barbershop. And yes I like the savings. The leaf blower, yes we have used it for clean up outside after haircuts. Works well, and kids get a kick out of it, they take turns cleaning each other off, lol

  5. I loved your post on field trips and now this one! I hadn’t ought to use a barstool, but will next time. also, for anyone who doesn’t have a barber kit, Costco sells one for around $20.

    1. That’s a good price at Costco! I’ve seen some priced higher than that. Thanks for the tip and for your sweet comment!

    2. Avoid the cheapy barber kits, they do not give an even cut and they just don’t last. The blades dull too quickly and it pulls the hair, causing children to cry that it hurts. Buy a good clipper set, a cape, use the neck strips (or just toilet paper) as they squirm with itchy hair down their neck, and a good pair of barber shears. If you skimp on the basic tools, you will have a bad experience and may give up, and end up failing in your efforts and then spending too much at the barbershop or salon because you think it is just too hard. Penny wise but pound foolish, my Grandmother would always say. I bought a good Wahl clipper set for about $55, cape, clips and good shears for another $50. But I am saving over $800 a year between my hair and my children. I expect the tools I bought to last well after my young children graduate from high school. My boyfriend (a DIY handy guy) tells me that good tools do not cost you money, they save you money. The right tools for the right job gives you the best results. I think he is right.

  6. Good tips! Our daughter is still due for her first haircut, but every time I think about it, I also think, “there’s no way she’d ever sit still for that…” I’ll have to put some of these tips into play when we cut her hair for the first time!

    1. Hope it works out for you! Our daughter has been our best costumer! When she received her first haircut, she sat very still, unlike her brothers. Maybe it’s because she’s had some practice when she’s played “beauty salon”.

  7. Thanks for these tips Ai and your son’s haircut looks great! I’m the only one who has ever cut my son’s hair and the first time I did I was terrified! He’s squirmy so it can be a challenge but I usually have something special he can play with while I cut his hair and then I give him a treat after. It’s still a learning process for me. 🙂

  8. Thanks for this post. I am also the beautician in our home. I cut everyone’s hair, but mine. We usually try to do it on a Saturday. And I just have my boys go right up to the bathtub after they are done to wash off those ichy hairs. I love your tip about using the toilet paper to keep them out, though. Thank you again for the tips.

    1. Oh, I know that’s one of my fears if I ever had to do the haircutting. I’m not as confident with the clippers. Thanks for stopping by and glad we got connected!

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