Homemade Stain Remover


I thought I would share with you my favorite homemade stain remover.  A dear friend shared this with the mother’s group from our church many years ago, when I was pregnant with my first child.  I was tired and nauseous from all the chemicals and strong smells of store-bought cleaners, so I was finally ready to give homemade cleaners a try.

This stain remover is so easy to make, it would be silly for me to do a step by step how-to post, with pictures for each step.  And it would be even more ridiculous to create a recipe card to print for you.

Get an empty spray bottle.  Fill it with 16 ounces of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 teaspoon of Dawn Original (blue) dish detergent.  Swirl it around, and it’s ready to go.  See, told you it was easy.

These are places where this handy-dandy stain remover has seen some action:

  1. Poop-stained onesies, shorts, pants, etc. after those unexpected diaper blow-outs.

  2. Chocolate cake and frosting on the carpet (I knew I should’ve ordered vanilla!).

  3. Spilled milk on the carpet.  It got rid of the rancid, spoiled milk smell too.

  4. Blood stains (from cuts, bloody noses, and personal feminine stuff)

  5. Grease/Oil (Hubby got too close to the garage door hinge and was wearing a brand new dress shirt!  This stain remover saved the day!)

  6. Pee stains on the mattress. (Night-time potty-training was rough.)

  7. Cleaning shower floors.  Ours has a bumpy surface and seems to cling to unsightly hard water stains.

I’m sure there are many more uses to this concoction.  

Do you have a favorite homemade cleaner?


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14 thoughts on “Homemade Stain Remover

    1. You can use other brands, but Dawn is often used in many homemade cleaners. There is something in the formula that makes it a tough degreaser. I’m not sure if using a different brand will give you the same results. I just read an interesting article that it’s been used to clean up birds that have been covered in oil after massive oil spills. Veterinarians claim that it’s the best because it cleans the grease off the birds without harming them. I hope you can find it there.

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