Do You Want to Lower Your Grocery Expenses?


One of the first things that my husband and I did after getting married was work on a budget. We were both working, but our goal was for me to eventually stay home. We kept cutting expense after expense so we could learn to live on one income.

The Big Variable

Grocery spending was one of those big variables. Certain bills, like utilities, we didn’t have too much control over, but the amount we spent at the store is a direct result of our own decisions. But, for some reason, I could not get a good handle on this. I don’t really splurge on a lot of things, and I always try to be mindful of sales. But, every month, I was going over the budgeted amount that we had set for groceries.

We weren’t in dire straits, and my husband was always open to changing our allocation for groceries. But I wasn’t convinced that I had brought our spending as low as it could go. I knew I was missing something.

Me? A Coupon Lady?

When a few of my friends started couponing, I wasn’t interested. I don’t want to be the lady that holds up the line, holding a stack of coupons, that would only save me a few cents.

Then, my husband told me that he may lose his job. This was the impetus that propelled me into the world of couponing.


The Learning Curve

My first few tries at it, I totally bombed. I had coupons, but spent more because I ended up buying things I really didn’t need simply because I had a coupon for it. After learning from this and other rookie mistakes, I finally got the hang of it. Not only did I not go over our budget, but I consistently stayed under budget with our groceries, proving what I had originally thought: it is possible to live on less.

A New School Has Opened

If you’ve been in my shoes before, wanting to get your grocery spending under control, there is a great product that I want to share with you.

Grocery University (presented by Money Saving Mom) is basically a crash course on all that you need to know to bring your grocery expenses to an all-time low [affiliate link]. The course includes:

  • A 2-hour, 19-minute audio course (great for all you multi-taskers out there!)
  • A workbook with tips, visual aids, and examples
  • The Grocery University Rock Bottom Price Database

You can purchase it now or you can hang in there until next Tuesday (August 19th) for their “Crazy, Can’t Miss” One-Day-Only sale.  Either way, the wealth of information and the future savings that you will reap from the course make this a worthy investment.

Once you purchase, there’s no need to wait for a delivery in the mail. Everything can be downloaded immediately for your use.

I wish I had known about this when I first started out because it would’ve saved me a lot of time researching and trying to figure things out on my own. I’ve been on this frugal road for a couple of years now, but I know I’m far from mastering the trade. I look forward to what else I can glean from this course.

Will I see you in class? I’ll save you a seat!


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20 thoughts on “Do You Want to Lower Your Grocery Expenses?

    1. Thanks! I take breaks from couponing once in a while, to maintain my sanity. It takes work to shop and coupon with kids in tow! It’s all worth it though because we save so much. I think this audio course will help. I hear it’s pretty comprehensive and will save time from having to the research yourself.

    1. And, I think most people buy stuff with more money when they don’t have to. It’s really not too hard … just training your mind to compare prices and remembering the lowest prices that are offered for products that you usually buy. Even without coupons, you can learn to save.

        1. Yeah, Walmart sucks me in too! It’s a good thing it’s not too close to my house. If you’re interested in this audio course, check my latest post … I give the price breakdown for their sale on Tuesday.

  1. I love couponing, but make a point of only buying things I’ll actually use that are genuinely cheaper than they would’ve been without it (like a name brand with a coupon being cheaper than the store brand I would buy without the coupon). An exception is if I get something for free with a coupon, because I’ll gift or donate it to someone who would use it.

  2. I never realized that there was help like this out there for grocery shopping! Obviously here in Thailand, I can’t really coupon, but I did it when we lived in the states a little. I was never very good at it though (rarely found coupons for organic things either, hopefully that has changed since I’ve been gone.).

    1. There’s definitely more coupons and deals for organic products. And there’s different ways to coupon, besides the traditional clipped coupons. It’s gotten complicated, with all the apps and ecoupons. I think that’s why it can be intimidating for people. Audio courses like this one is a good resource to walk someone through all the ins and outs of frugal shopping.

  3. I’ve always thought I’m doing a good job in budgeting but oh no, there are a lot of bumps and humps on the road that I have to learn. I usually get surprised with how much I’ve already spent for groceries. I received a coupon once and decided to use it then ended up buying something really expensive! Geez.

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. When I first started, I went crazy with the coupons, and that didn’t help our budget at all. Sometimes the best lessons come from our mistakes, right?

  4. Do I want to lower my grocery expenses? Who doesn’t? I mostly shop at stores that don’t use coupons though, and am pretty smart about my shopping.

    1. Really? These stores don’t accept coupons at all? I guess if they offer rock bottom prices, there’s no need for coupons. Most of the stores I shop in accept coupons … The challenge sometimes is that not all the store employees are familiar with their store’s coupon policy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Couponing doesn’t seem popular in the Philippine (or don’t I just know how to do it?)… But yes yes… I want to lower our grocery bills! We’ve been trying for months now.. I think we’ve been pretty successful (i think!)

    1. Coupons are just one way to save. Sometimes, I don’t have time to search for all the coupons, but it’s still possible to save big by shopping smart.

  6. Just curious… I want to lean up my budget without fattening up my mid-section with all sorts of coupony packaged foods. That being said, I can scan the isles of produce and the weekly flyers but eating ‘clean’ or even just healthy is the biggest challenge to my grocery budget. Any thoughts?

    1. I agree. Even though it may seem like, a lot of coupons seem to be for packaged, processed foods, I am noticing more deals (some with coupons, some without) for the healthier alternatives because of the growing demand. Couponing comes in all forms now besides the old-fashioned clippings from the Sunday paper, like apps and other electronic forms. Once you find a store or two, where you find the items that you want on sale, you can probably just focus in on those few stores since many of them rotate their items in their sale ads. In general, you may be paying a bit more, so you would have to adjust your budget accordingly. Most of the time, you’re just paying for the convenience when it comes to packaged foods. If I have a good stock of staple pantry items, I can make the equivalent of those packaged foods from scratch. Coupon websites, like, will also have regular posts highlighting deals for natural and organic items. I hope this helps!

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