From This Generation to the Next


I come from a large extended family. My mom is the 2nd oldest of 7 children. More than 15 years separate her and the youngest sibling, my aunt. When I was little, I remember my very cool, young aunt coming to visit us every so often. With me on one side and my younger sister on the other side, we would walk around hand in hand, as she took us shopping, bought us treats, and basically spoiled us for the two weeks that she stayed with us.

Eventually, my aunt got married and had children of her own. I became, to her children, what she was to me. I went on many trips to visit them, and I looked forward to spending time with my much younger cousins, taking them shopping, buying them treats, and spoiling them for the next couple of weeks.

Eventually, I got married and had children of my own. These past two weeks, my aunt and her family have spent their vacation here with us. Her daughters, who I used to take to the mall as my mini-me’s, are now young women: one is in college and the other is a senior in high school. They now have become, to my children, what I was to them.


Parting was not easy, especially for my daughter. In the few days that they were with us, she had grown very attached to her aunties. I had never seen her cry over the departure of any visitors until now.

What I love about all these relationships, from my aunt to me to my cousins and now to my daughter, is they display a strong bond between people who are many years (even a generation) apart. The reason for such deep relationships is because the older has taken the time to be with the younger.

When children are sometimes made to feel dismissed by the grown-ups, my cousins did the exact opposite. They spent time with my children, coloring with them, doing crafts, playing games, going shopping, and talking with them. As a child, when a grown-up takes notice of you, enough to spend time with you, that is truly special.

One day, my daughter will become the young woman, and I pray that she would have the opportunity to be, to a little girl, what my aunt was to me … what I was to my cousins … and what her aunties are to her. I pray she would be willing to give to younger girls and show them just how special they are.

What will you do to invest in the generation to come?




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29 thoughts on “From This Generation to the Next

  1. Beautiful! Family is priceless…so great that you have generations of close ties and strong love. It makes for stronger people and better relationships later in life!
    Ps, voted you up on TMB ☺

    1. Yes, I’m thankful that my daughter, as well as my other kids, can see and experience for themselves what a precious blessing it is to have those close relationships in our family. Thanks for the vote, Rachael!

  2. That is such a precious blessing to have in your family. I remember the few older teens/young adults who took time with me, and naturally took an interest in most little ones around me my entire life. I wish that so much for my little girl, but the only relatives who might take that interest are not around. I’m hoping for others to fill that void. 🙂

    1. I’ve seen relationships like this happen outside of family as well. It is great when young adults take the initiative to mentor younger ones.

  3. Such a sweet post, and I know exactly what you mean. My youngest aunt was always so cool when I was younger, taking us to fun restaurants, movies and amusement parks. Aunts are the best.

    1. It was a good reminder for me too when I witnessed how much my cousins loved on their nieces and nephews. Sometimes, as a parent, you get caught up with all the grown-up stuff.

    1. Aww, thank you! I feel blessed that we can still be so close even after all these years and even though a long distance separates us. I’m glad my kids can see these relationships, and that they desire it too.

  4. That is such a sweet post of generations coming together 🙂 I absolutely love hearing stories like this. I’m the oldest of 14 grandchildren on my dad’s side, so growing up my cousins were like siblings. Unfortunately, we don’t live close to each other anymore so they don’t really know my kids yet. I’m glad to see that you and your family were able to sustain such a loving relationship.

    1. All my cousins, including the ones I mentioned in this post, live far away from me, and like you, most of them don’t know my kids. So, it was really a blessing to feel that connection with my cousins so quickly.

  5. I grew up with hardly any family, so now I am so thankful that my husband has a huge family so my kids are growing up with lots of cousins and aunts and uncles.

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