How to Untangle a Doll’s Hair


When my daughter first received this Rapunzel doll a week ago, she had long, smooth, silky hair. She’s pretty careful about her dolls. She doesn’t take them outside or drag them around in the dirt or drop them from a tree. So how Rapunzel went from flat to frizz is beyond me.

Since this is such a new toy, I was not ready to box her up just yet, so my daughter and I went to work on trying to restore her doll’s smooth golden locks.

After a search on the internet for some solutions, we found a number of methods.

First, we tried the hot water dip …


… but that did nothing to flatten that puff.

Next, we used a mixture of hot water and dish soap, but alas, Rapunzel continued to live up to her movie name, Tangled.

We also tried liquid hand soap, and still, there was no taming that wild ‘do.

I was close to giving up. There had to be a household product that will work because I’m drawing the line at buying one of those specialty doll hair conditioners. Seriously, if I’m buying cheap hair products for my hair, there’s no way this doll is going to get something that I have to special order.

Our last attempt at untangling this mop was hair conditioner, the cheap one that I use for my hair.

Step one: After getting out most of the tangles with a comb, massage the conditioner into the doll’s hair. wait an hour or so



Step two: Gently rinse out the conditioner.


Step three: Pat dry with a towel and leave out to completely air dry.


Rapunzel was now ready for one last comb through. Out of all the methods that we tried, this was probably the one that had the best results. Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring her hair back to that same glossy shine, but at least it was no longer the nest that we were dealing with in the beginning.



She looks pretty good and ready to take on those Ninja Turtles behind her.

If you have a better solution for restoring doll’s hair, please do share! We’ve got a long line of Barbies, Princesses, and My Little Ponies waiting for their makeovers.


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8 thoughts on “How to Untangle a Doll’s Hair

  1. We definitely have a doll like this. Boston calls her the baby with “crazy hair!” 🙂 I am going to try this today!! Thanks–love it!!

    1. Hope it works! If it doesn’t, try liquid fabric softener. That’s another one that I came across in my research, but I just don’t have any on hand.

    1. I had mentioned in a previous comment that if the conditioner doesn’t work for you, try liquid fabric softener.

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