Holding Them Today, Loving Them Forever


There have been a lot of free photo book deals* lately that I finally have an opportunity to work on a project that’s been on hold since my second child was born [affiliate link].

You see, with baby #1, I had time to make–not 1, not 2–but 4 scrapbooks dedicated to my bundle of joy. Then came baby #2 and all those scrapbooking materials have been forever lost in the abyss of unfinished projects. I had tried putting all those baby memories of my daughter, JJ, into a beautiful keepsake, but to this day (she’s now 7!) the pink scrapbook remains empty and lifeless.

Perhaps, it’s all for the best anyway. Scrapbooking was just not my thing. All that cutting and gluing, and then trying to keep curious, little hands away … that was just a lot of stress. So, to whoever invented photobooks, “THANK YOU!”

My kids have been noticing me looking through all the baby pictures on the computer. Well, it’s hard not to notice since I’m sitting there in front of the screen, switching between gleefully squealing, “Sooo cuuute!” and hysterically sobbing, “Time goes so fast!” They may have thought their mom has gone mad until they glanced over my shoulder and saw the object of my quickly shifting emotions … and they, too, were hooked!


Since I was already going through our archives of pictures and home videos, a couple of my kids decided to join me in my bedroom to watch their baby videos on the computer. What kid doesn’t want to watch little movies featuring them? It was such a sweet time.

When I was tucking JJ in for bed, she said, “Mommy, I want to make an invention. It’s a machine where you can put a kid inside. You can push the buttons and enter how old you want them to be. Then, we can be your babies forever.”

My dear JJ, I don’t need a machine. You will, always and forever, be my babies.


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8 thoughts on “Holding Them Today, Loving Them Forever

  1. We do the same thing. For Mother’s Day, I asked for baby books for both my children. I did not make either child books. I ma not a crafts person either. My husband did both girls first year of life in separate books. He is going to do each year of their lives for certain holidays. That is the best gift I could ever get. He picks the best photos and I love it. We also look at old movies on the computer and photos. The girls loved it. Great post. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Beautiful photos.

    1. That’s so sweet that your husband is doing that! Mommas never get tired of looking through their kids’ baby photos, and I believe they have the uncanny ability to still see the baby in their child, no matter how old that child is.

    1. Haha! I have about the same amount! And the hardest part about putting those pics in a book or an album is figuring out which ones to pick! 🙂

  2. Awww.. you have such a sweet kid =) I’m also a scrapbooking addict! My friend gave me some scrapbooking materials on my baby shower. I’m quite excited to use them =)

    1. Scrapbooking can be a good creative outlet. Wish I could’ve kept up with it. Oh well! Some things are only meant for certain seasons of your life.

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