4 Lessons I Learned From My Facebook Suspension


Twice, I remember having to go to detention after school. The first time was because I was trying to push away a boy that was bothering all the girls in line. I was doing it for a good cause, but I was too timid to make my defense. The second time was because I threw a ball after the recess bell rang. Did I learn anything from staying 30 minutes in an almost empty classroom and writing “I will not throw the ball after the bell” 100 times? Perhaps. I don’t recall ever breaking that particular rule again.

That was pretty much my criminal record during my school days. I was a goody-goody. I was never suspended … until now. Let me explain.

I had joined a Facebook Mommy Blogger Group, and it was great meeting other fellow bloggers. Introductions were made. We exchanged website addresses and swapped “likes”. And, this was when I was blindsided with a message on my screen, “You have been temporarily blocked.” What did I do wrong? I really had no idea.

Lesson 1: Be Slow on Facebook

Apparently, I was “liking” pages too fast. When I had a 5-minute window to use the computer before my kids woke up from dreamland, liking too fast was something I had to do to avoid the nightmare of a rough morning start. So, learn from my mistake if you’re on Facebook: if you do any activity at a rate which Facebook considers fast, you may get dinged.

Lesson 2: Better Understanding of a “Like” … or Not

When I was young, I remember wanting to give that one Valentine’s card that says “I like you” to the boy I had a crush on. “Like” had a particular meaning in that context. But throughout my adolescent years, that word became even more confusing. “Do you like-like him or like him?”


In social media, “like” can have so many different meanings. It can mean I read it, I agree with it, I want you to like me back, or I like it. So when you receive a “like”, how do you know which one it is? It’s like being 13 years old all over again, but this time, it’s not about the cute boy sitting in front of you in class.

Now, I’m not saying I’m going to start withholding “likes”. I still like liking. It’s a busy mom’s friend … when I read a post, sometimes there’s just not enough time to give a good response. So a friendly “like” will have to do.

Lesson 3: Build Your Connections With Real Conversation

Eventually, Facebook gave me back some of the privileges, except using the “like” button. And you know, liking is nice, but commenting is where connections really happen. Sure, it takes time and more thought, but you are also more likely to remember that person and their post.

Let’s get out of cyberspace for a second, and think about when you meet someone for the first time. If you say nothing more to them than “Pleased to meet you”, you will probably forget who they are in the next minute or so. But, if you ask more questions and engage in a conversation with them, you will be more inclined to talk to them again the next time you see each other.

Lesson 4: Bloggers Want Nice Comments

Sometimes social media just doesn’t feel very social. Though you are broadcasting tweets, posting pictures, and publishing pieces, you wonder if anyone really reads or looks at them, especially if the response you get is silence. If you are a blogger, I know you would agree that receiving comments just makes your day. One of the things that keeps me going are receiving the comments from you.

So don’t be shy, after clicking “like”, send a nice comment or two. It may be just what that person needs today.

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32 thoughts on “4 Lessons I Learned From My Facebook Suspension

    1. Yeah, it’s a strange rule, but I guess they have to establish some guidelines because I’m sure there are people out there who abuse FB’s functions, and their actions become “spammy”.

  1. Hilarious! I can’t believe that facebook will suspend someone for liking too much! I wonder if you can get suspended for not liking enough.

    “We will tell you who you like, and precisely how much you like them! You will comply. Resistance is futile.”

    Thanks for giving me another reason why I am not on facebook.

    I also agreed with your point about commenting being much more meaningful interaction than liking.

    1. Haha! I love it! Now, I can imagine someone at FB saying exactly those words with a sinister laugh when they put the block in place.

    1. I suppose with so many people around the world using FB, they have to put some measures in place to keep this thing from getting out of hand.

  2. Seriously? Didn’t know they’d block you because of that! But anyway, I totally love this post. I can agree with it so much (although I haven’t been blocked from FB before). Hehe! The thing about FB LIKE having so many meanings is spot on. I sometimes don’t understand when someone posts something about a friend or a person dying, a tragedy or something to that sort, people actually LIKE the post. What, do they like that there’s a tragedy or what?! So I guess it’s just their way of saying they acknowledged and read the post. Same thing goes for the FAVORITE in twitter. Ahh social media is wonderfully crazy!! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about reading a post that is on a more somber/sad note. I don’t always feel right clicking “like”. I’m generally more literal, so I have to remember that the context of social media changes things sometimes. And I agree … “wonderfully crazy”!

  3. I seriously “liked” reading this post!! First of all, your humor throughout was the best, and I very much remember “Do you like him, or like-like him?” Hahaha! Good memories!! You being kicked off Facebook for too many “likes” also cracked me up. You, who post about being a great mom, a great wife, a great friend–were suspended. It just really made me smile. Your words are so very true. I often receive a good number of “likes” on my post but I really do not know if the person even read it or simply clicked a button to be friendly. A comment means the world to me–the power which keeps me going forward.

    1. Haha! So I’m glad I’m not the only one who wondered if a boy liked me or liked-liked me? Thank you, Sasha, for your comment! I just love the interaction with commenting. Then, it doesn’t just feel like an online diary that other people are reading.

  4. What, no like button at the bottom? 🙂

    Comments are definitely better, but you’re right – sometimes time is short and it’s nice to leave a little click to let people know you were reading (especially when you can’t think of a comment that adds much – you want that “mmm” “uhuh!” equivalent).

    Anyway. Glad you’re sort of back on Facebook! They have some strange rules, though…

    1. I removed the “likes” on my blog because it was acting funky … some tech issues that I can’t figure out. Thanks for stopping by! Are you from the Mommy Blogger Like Swap Group on FB? There’s been so many new members since I was benched from participating that it’s getting harder to keep up.

        1. I’m still blocked from FB likes and comments when I use my personal profile. It’s supposed to be for 30 days, but I don’t know if that’s just a rough figure. I can post and comment on Facebook by using my page name though, but since the Mommy Blogger group uses my personal profile, I can’t really participate in any of the swaps. I can see all the threads, so I try to visit the other sites if I can. Thanks again for stopping! Hope we can continue to build our connection! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Valerie, for the Google+ tip! I set up a profile on Google+, but it’s bare and I haven’t done anything else with it. I’ll revisit it again.

  5. I just started hearing about people getting banned from Facebook for stuff like this! So crazy! I enjoyed your post about it though! Way to make some sweet lemonade from those lemons!

    1. Awww, thank you! Just started following you on Twitter, and hopefully, I can do the same with your FB page once this is all over. I appreciate your visit!

    1. Yeah, I don’t know my way around FB very well either. I only use it for my blog. Not sure if what I did was a rookie mistake. Oh well! It’s good to step away from FB for a time anyway.

  6. Great post, thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve noticed there isn’t a “like” button on your wordpress site, either–is that related? Internet “liking” is a whole new world–people seem to use it to mean so many different things, as you say.

    1. I removed the “like” buttons from my posts because it was more of a tech issue I couldn’t fix. It kept overlapping with all the other text at the bottom of my post and made it hard to click on the “comments” link. So, I had to make a choice which one to keep … glad I stuck with the comments. It’s been great interacting with everyone!

    1. Thank you for the blog comment love, Jaya! I realize FB isn’t the only way to keep up with my fellow bloggers. Glad you came by! 🙂

  7. I’m surprised that I haven’t gotten suspended yet, though sometimes I think it wouldn’t be such a bad thing. There are days that i think I’m spending way too much time on social media (be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) and could use the break. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. Yeah, the forced break from FB did give me more time. Just start liking at lightning speed when you participate in the FB like swap threads, and I’m sure you’ll be noticed by the FB police.

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