Is Your Life “Crazy Busy?”

The other day, my daughter gave me a very sweet love note.


Then towards the end of the note, my heart sank as I read this.


It was as if that one word, “busy,” hopped right off the paper. Is that how my daughter (and my other children) see me? I don’t think she meant it as a complaint or a rebuke. She was just calling what she sees. I am a busy person, a “crazy busy” person.

I shouldn’t be surprised. I am fully aware of

  • the to do list that seems to never end.
  • the numerous occasions I have said to the kids, “Not now” or “You have to wait.”
  • the guilt of not spending enough time enjoying the children.
  • the pressure of balancing all aspects and areas of my life.
  • the constant feeling of being behind on everything, from chores to homeschool.
  • the countless times I feel just plain overwhelmed.

Do you ever feel this way?

In an effort to help us look at the issue from a biblical perspective and take solid steps to remedy this problem, my husband and I began reading this book together.

Crazy Busy:
A (Mercifully) Short Book About a (Really) Big Problem
by Kevin DeYoung (Isn’t that a great title?)

[affiliate link]

According to the author, one of the main issues is not correctly assessing what you can really handle in a given time period. I know, for me, I tend to take on more than what I can really manage. The result can go one of three ways.

  1. I’ll somehow get it all done, but not without a lot of tears along the way. And, I’m no happy camper at the end of the road.
  2. I won’t finish everything, and I’ll feel like an utter failure.
  3. My plate will be so full that I have no room for flexibility. And that means having to say “no” to some things that may be more important.

In his book, DeYoung writes,

“We are here and there and everywhere. We are distracted. We are preoccupied. We can’t focus on the task in front of us. We don’t follow through. We don’t keep our commitments. We are so busy with a million pursuits that we don’t even notice the most important things slipping away.”

DeYoung is also a blogger, so he understands the amount of time it takes to keep up with a blog, and how that time can infringe on what should be for your family. There’s a quote from the book that just cut me to the heart as a mom and blogger. Shall I dare share it with you? If you’re a blogger, you might hate me for it. It’s one of those I-don’t-want-it-but-I-need-it kind of quotes. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but we will be better in the end.

But … I’ll let you read it for yourself because I highly recommend reading the whole book rather than just a few snippets [affiliate link]. And don’t say you’re too busy to read this. Make some time. It’s a short book for good reason.

How do you handle your “crazy busy” life?


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8 thoughts on “Is Your Life “Crazy Busy?”

  1. This does sound like a great book! Sounds like a great book to read along with my July goals that I posted awhile back. Taming my “crazy busy” life was the #1 focus this month!

  2. I definitely feel like that. A lot of the time I’m overwhelmed by all the thing piling up on the to-do list. Then I feel guilty about not spending enough time with the kids and worry that life is passing by while I’m too crazy busy to really take part. I have ordered the book!! X

    1. I’ve felt the guilt for a long time, but seeing the note from my daughter confirmed that it’s not just me … she has noticed that my busy schedule has a direct impact on her. I hope the book will be a source of encouragement to you!

  3. We recently interviewed our 3-year-old asking her what (in her perception) everyone likes to do. “What does dad like to do?” “Build blocks with me!”
    “What does mom like to do?” “Clean!”
    It kinda made me sad because it opened my eyes to the number of times each day I deny her requests to play because I’ve got to clean up. It’s a hard balance for me.

    1. I understand the feeling. Our kids see us all day and notice all the different tasks that we juggle. Sometimes we really do have to instruct our kids to wait if they are asking to play at a time that’s not convenient. But we have to remember to go back and make the time to honor their request. As your daughter gets older, she can do more chores with you, and that becomes a really good building time. My daughter has been helping me a lot in the kitchen. One of my favorite times is the cleanup after dinner. We chat as I’m washing the dishes and she’s drying.

  4. Looks like a good read to me! I actually think I have enough time for my son even when I’m “crazy” busy at work. It’s more of the feeling that we don’t do more of the activities he needs to have to be better. Not sure if I’m making any sense. Ha! Sometimes life gets in the way and I spend more time sleeping than being with my son and that really breaks my heart.

    1. There are days when I really need a nap or I’m gonna crash. I usually just lay down with one of the kids on their beds. They actually get excited if I lay down with them … they feel special, you know, whenever you choose to be with them, even when (in my case) you’re totally knocked out.

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