What Are Catalina Coupons?


Do you know what Catalina Coupons are? They are the printed coupons that come after your receipt at the store is generated, that the cashier hands you, that you hurriedly grab and stuff in your wallet, that ends up in your wastebasket when you get around to cleaning out your purse. If this describes you, then you probably don’t know what a Catalina Coupon looks like (see picture above).

Supposedly, a Catalina prints out according to what you purchased. Every time I buy cereal, 99% of the time I get a Catalina coupon for cereal. Sometimes, it’s not an exact science, like getting a coupon for bladder control pads when I buy diapers.

Honestly, most of the time, I don’t use these coupons, unless it’s for a product that I buy regularly. These are not exactly high-value coupons, and I could probably find better ones out there.

But, once in a while, a nice Catalina prints out, so don’t be so quick to dismiss these and throw them away. Look closely below at one of the coupons I received from a recent trip to the store. See it yet?


That’s right! A free photo book!

So, I told you a few posts ago how much I LOVE Shutterfly [affiliate link]. I love their products, and I love them even more for the deals that they offer. So that homeschool yearbook that’s supposed to be finished by now (I’m getting there) can now be covered by this coupon. It’s nice when procrastination works out in your favor.

So, here’s the frugal tip for today: Don’t just check your receipts. Check your Catalinas. You never know what great offer you may get.

Have you found any good deals lately?

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6 thoughts on “What Are Catalina Coupons?

  1. I go back and forth with my couponing efforts. I just found a catalina at the bottom of my purse for $1.50 off a pint of Godiva ice cream, which is one of my very favorites. And it had just expired.(:

    1. I find that I have to take breaks from couponing to stay sane. I’m just coming out of a couponing break, so getting this Catalina was a nice start. About the Godiva coupon, maybe it was good that it expired before you could use it. My latest weakness has been Talenti gelato. I kept track of the expiration on that Catalina, but any pounds I lost from trying to eat healthier are back again.

  2. Wow! We don’t have coupons here which sucks but we do have loyalty cards. Each time we buy, we get certain points then you can have them exchanged for goods or deduct a certain amount from your next purchase.

    1. What?? No coupons? That’s too bad. It’s good you can take advantage of loyalty programs though. I’ve received some good deals from those.

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