What is a True Friend?

friendship bracelets.

About a week ago, I had breakfast with some friends I have known since high school; some even before that. I suppose you can say that what brought us together was college. But, in reality, it was God who was orchestrating everything so that we would all end up in the same apartment during a very brief season in our lives.

We didn’t all know each other well during that time. And, we didn’t always get along even after getting to know each other better. There were ups. And sadly, there were downs. Eight very different, strong-willed women did not always result in a happy household. But we had one thing in common: Jesus Christ.

Through it all, Christ was the one who drew us closer to one another and to Himself.

Now, many years later, we still get together. Not for all-night cramming sessions. Not for study groups at the library. Not for middle-of-the-night trips to the store because we became experts at procrastinating.

By God’s grace, He has allowed us to stay connected, sharing some of the trials and triumphs of motherhood and holding one another up in prayer.

Being a mom is a rewarding role in so many ways. There are more than enough blogs and websites that can attest to that. But the reality is that there are also many struggles and heartaches that come with being a mother.

Trading in our backpacks for “mommy” purses, we walked around our college campus a few years ago during one of our “roommate reunions.”

I remember a time when I had two kids. This was when I first shared my struggles with my friends, and I was fearful of what they would think of me. Surely, no other mother went through what I did. Every mom I knew seemed to have it all together.

But, of course, that’s not true at all. And, my friends assured me that they all have similar struggles. Moreover, they gave me some words of encouragement and prayed for me.

How important it is for us to know we are not alone! How precious it is to have a friend come alongside you during your trials!

What is a true friend to you?


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6 thoughts on “What is a True Friend?

  1. My friends have gotten me through much in this life. I do not have many long term friends (my longest friend has been my best friend for 8 years) as we moved around a lot when I was young. But the friends that I do have, have saved me more than I care to admit. 🙂 I especially love the friends that I have that share my love for God because they truly are of the same mindset as me. 🙂

    1. True friends are not afraid to “get their hands dirty”, when we need to be rescued. They won’t run away because of fear or difficulty. They really get us through a lot in life. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences with friendships.

  2. I would say a true friend is someone who lifts me up instead of tearing me down, who will celebrate my success as it were her own and will be there when I need a shoulder to cry on.

    My dad was in the Air Force during my early years so we moved quite a bit. I don’t have any childhood friend connections. So I’m thankful that I have friends from high school that I’ve recently connected with via Facebook. They are a treasure.

    1. Well said. Great definition of a true friend, someone who will stick with you through BOTH the ups and downs. I wouldn’t want jealousy or selfishness to get in the way of a friendship.

  3. I can relate to this so well. I lived with a group of Christian women in college, and the experience was stretching and special and binding. We still love each other so much, truly on a deeper level. I think that’s what defines a friend for me: love.

    1. I think living with other sisters in Christ takes your relationship with them to another level. I learned so much from that experience.

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