Just Mommy and Me


She had been begging me for a while. “Can we go out? Just me and you.”

I love spending time with my kids, but to set aside one-on-one time can be a mathematical challenge. There’s 4 of them, one of me, and 12-13 hours of their awake time, which has to be divided between homeschool, cooking, cleaning, meals, errands, and family time. And, it’s not like I can take one kid out for ice cream, while I leave the others at home by themselves. So the time that I can take them out becomes even more limited by when my husband is available to watch the rest of the kids.

And, I admit that I forget. I’m so used to having all the children with me that I forget spending some alone time with each of them is necessary for the building of our relationships. I know it’s possible, and it’s been my goal to schedule regular Mommy-and-Me times with each child.

Last week, we found a window of time … an afternoon for just me and my daughter.

Our first stop was to shop for some shoes. My girl is very active, and she probably wears out her sneakers faster than all her brothers combined. We looked and looked, and, in her words, she found “the shoes that I’ve always wanted”, which probably means she’s wanted them since that day when she saw them. These shoes are what every sporty, girly girl should have: cross-trainers and ballet shoes in one! image

Next stop was the art store. I remember as a kid, being into friendship bracelets. I still see kids sporting these, so it’s definitely a thing that has withstood the test of time. Upon entering the store, this caught my eye.

I had heard about these. The Rainbow Loom method uses small rubber bands to make colorful friendship bracelets [affiliate link]. I thought this would be easier for JJ to handle. And, I was right! image

And, what better way to finish off a nice, warm afternoon than with ice cream! She ordered cotton candy flavor in a waffle bowl, and I had coffee ice cream. And guess what? She said she liked my flavor better! image

I know we can’t always go out like this, so I really cherished that time with her.

To make these one-on-one times a more regular event for me and the kids, it will have to be simplified and done without the need for a babysitter for the other children. My idea is to give each child a “get out of jail bed, free” card during nap time, so we can have some undistracted time together while the rest of them are in their beds.

What are your ideas for “Mommy and Me” activities?

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8 thoughts on “Just Mommy and Me

  1. I totally get the feeling. i only have two kids but I’m already having a hard time finding the time to spend quality time with each! We do what we can mama! And loom bands are so popular over here too!

    1. Yeah, I definitely feel the stretch. I don’t like looking back with regret, thinking, “I wish I would’ve …”

  2. A “get out of bed free card” is such a cool idea! But it’s also a sacrifice in some ways because naps are valuable get-things-done opportunities for mom. Ultimately time with our kids is worth so, so much more though. Thanks for the reminder. I recently learned the value of mommy and me time when I arranged childcare for my son and took my daughter to swim lessons (parents participated). It gave me a longing to do that more with each of them for sure!

    1. I know what you mean. When I thought of using naptime as a way to spend time with each child, I knew I would have to figure out how to take care of chores or dinner or whatever I had planned during that time. I know it can be done … just have to do it.

  3. Oh, how precious she asked for some time to be with just her mom. My daughter is only two but when we are able to sneak away alone I watch her entire face light up in excitement. She says over and over, “Just the girls!” Even my son (15 months) seems to really thrive when I have a little special time with just him while sister is sleeping still. As hard at it seems to get some one on one (even more difficult with 4) it is so worth it! 🙂

    1. They really do love it. Even my boys. They truly feel special that they can have Mommy’s undivided attention!

    1. They’re different from the friendship bracelets that I made when I was a teen. But, it’s a good introduction to my daughter. Thank you for stopping by to read!

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