How to Make Old Toys New Again


How quickly children get tired of their new toys! Shortly after receiving their brand new gift, they will likely be asking for something else. But for parents, if it’s not broken, it’s still as good as new. But how do you convince your kids of that?


When a child gets a new toy, it’s all that the child can think about … for a week. Then, the new toy becomes just another old toy, forgotten, stuffed in a drawer or at the bottom of the toy bin. Often, renewing your child’s interests in that toy can be as simple as just pulling it out. “Remember this, sweetie?” “Oh yeah! I loved this toy!”

Rearrange and Relocate

imageThe same toys played in a different place or in a different way can change them completely. That tea set collecting dust on the shelf can be useful again when tea time is scheduled in the backyard on a warm afternoon instead of in the bedroom. Or who says the Little People can’t be in the same world as the Marvel Heroes?

Replace (the batteries)

Ok, I hesitate to say this because I’m one to hold out for a long time before replacing batteries on a toy. I’m selective, though, in which toy deserves a battery change, and they are usually the ones that don’t drive me crazy when played over and over again.

Batteries can get expensive though. They don’t go on sale too often, and coupons can be rare. Usually when you need batteries (for non-toy items), you can’t wait for a sale. So here’s a shopping tip: if you see a good deal on batteries, you should stock up. Or, invest in the rechargeable variety.


Don’t give your child access to all their toys. Practically for us, we just don’t have enough storage space in their rooms, so some toys are kept in our garage. If you keep some toys in storage, plan to rotate the toys out every season. Getting those toys that have been in storage the past few months is going to feel like Christmas to the kids!

You can also divide up their toys into “Days of the Week” boxes. They play with a different box each day, so they don’t get tired of them too quickly.


What are your suggestions for making old toys seem like new?


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7 thoughts on “How to Make Old Toys New Again

    1. We used to have all 4 kids in one bedroom, and mixing toys up happened quite spontaneously during that time. Now, my girl has her own room, and she’s always kicking her brothers out when they try to “kidnap” her My Little Ponies. 🙂

    1. Haha! I bet if you do find them and pull them out, your kids will be super excited to get some “new” toys.

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