4 Ways to Make Someone’s Day


Do you know someone who’s been having an especially challenging time?

You’ve been there before. Like when the whole family got sick, and you were the only one (though you weren’t feeling that great either) able to nurse everyone back to health. Or when the kids fought constantly, and you locked yourself in the bathroom to escape the madness. Or when one of your parents became ill, and you had to rearrange your schedule to attend to their needs.

What can you do for your friend, who just needs some encouragement to get through a rough day?

Bring a Meal

When things get a little crazy around the house, one of the first things that probably won’t get done is having dinner on the table. Bringing a meal to someone is a nice and practical way to make someone’s day. Every time we came home from the hospital with a new baby, friends and family would come by almost every night to drop off some dinner. What a help that was since cooking was the furthest thing from my mind!

Babysit the Kids

Do you know someone who has just been feeling overwhelmed with this whole motherhood thing? Maybe there’s a young couple you know who just hasn’t had a date night since the baby was born 12 months ago. Or your friend, who is a single mom, needs to pick up an extra shift at work. Tell them you can babysit their kids, and I’m sure it won’t take long for them to accept your offer.

Buy Some Groceries

There was a time when my husband was unemployed, and budget was tight. Our friend stopped by with a carload of groceries, and said, “We just came from Costco. We thought you’d want half of all the bulk items since it’s a lot for our family anyway.” This was an unexpected but sweet blessing.

Maybe you know someone who just can’t get to the store to get some staple items for the pantry. Buy a little extra. Or if your couponing skills has allowed you to stock up on certain items, consider giving them away to someone in need.

Be a Friend

The best thing to give, really, is your friendship. Be there for someone, who just needs a listening ear. Have some encouraging words to say to lift up a downcast and weary spirit. Send an email or write a note (so few do this nowadays). Pray for them and pray with them.

Sometimes you feel like you should be on the receiving end of these blessings. In the middle of your own busy day, you’re wondering how you can find the time to do even one of these things. You have enough in your own world to think about, and the idea of reaching beyond that world to someone else’s seems impossible or, at the very least, inconvenient.

But, consider this proverb.

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due,
when it is in your power to do it.

Do not say to your neighbor, ‘Go, and come again, tomorrow I will give it’–
when you have it with you.” (Proverbs 3:27-28)

Can you think of other ways that you can brighten up someone’s day?


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24 thoughts on “4 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

    1. Yes, when they know that you can sympathize with the rough day that they are having, that usually helps.

  1. Sometimes you think of a phone call or nice words, but these things are above and beyond. How they would really say “I care.”

    1. Sometimes even a phone call can be hard because it means opening yourself up to someone else. When we say “how are you” or “can I help you with something”, we have to be ready to follow through. I know, for me, it’s not always easy because I do get selfish sometimes.

    1. Thank you for passing it on! I’ve been the recipient of many acts of kindness, so I know what an impact it can have on someone who is discouraged.

    1. It doesn’t happen too often anymore because of technology, but I still get excited when I receive a handwritten note in the mail. Under the piles of bills and junk mail, it’s always nice to see a personalized envelope.

    1. Often, people may feel like they don’t have the means to be able to help another, but those simple acts of service really speak volumes to someone who is in need of encouragement.

    1. Yes, when I consider the needs of others more important than my own, I won’t be wasting my time away with worry about my own problems.

  2. Very practical suggestions and a good reminder. I sometimes think it’s too much work, or I am too busy, but it usually doesn’t take as long as we think!

    And I second what sparrow says above – helping others helps you 🙂

    1. I think that too … that I’m too busy. But I know it really doesn’t take too much out of my day, and if it cheers someone up, it certainly is worth it.

  3. Your tips are great! It doesn’t take a lot to make a huge impact on someone who is in need. I have experienced this many times both as a giver, and a receiver. Thanks for sharing such words of encouragement!

    1. You’re absolutely right. Sometimes the little acts of kindness are what will be remembered long after the hard times have passed. Thank you so much for coming by!

  4. Inspiring post! I am always touched when someone does something to let me know that they are there for me, even in the smallest of ways. I also love all of the suggestions in the comments, some of which are my go-to and others I need to try.

    Maybe you see something that makes you think of them to give them, whether it’s a bookmark with their favorite saying on it or their favorite candy bar. Give it to them to let them know you were thinking about them as an individual. Sometimes caretakers (whether parents or caring for someone ill or whatever) feel like they have lost themselves, and no one sees them as the person they are so much as what they do and who they take care of.

    1. I love what you shared. When “you see something that makes you think of them to give them…” I’ll do this a lot, but I don’t always act on it. It’s better to act on it right away when the thought comes in your head because so many things can distract us … even if it’s just a quick text telling the person they are in your thoughts and prayers. When I’m in a middle of a crazy day, a thoughtful text or email from a friend just lifts up my spirits.

  5. Great thoughts. Thanks for the reminder that it really isn’t hard to make someone’s day, but it does take some doing!

    1. I guess what we have to remember is to actually do something. We’ll think about the person, but it ends there. Even just a phone call to tell them you were thinking about them helps. Or, like the story you shared on your blog about getting the mug … it’s really touching to know that someone wanted to do that for you.

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