What You Should Know About Wireless Exposure

Doc VisitWhile I was cleaning out some files in one of our closets, I came across 4 binders. Each one containing nine months worth of notes, pamphlets, newsletters, and forms. These were my pregnancy binders. The thickest one, of course, belonged to my first son. Whatever brochure or magazine about pregnancy, babies, and breastfeeding that the doctor gave me went into that binder. I kept track of everything, and I did all I could to make sure I was taking care of my babies way before I even held them in my arms.

Perhaps you’re not a paper hog, like I was, but many of you, who have been or are currently pregnant, can relate to me about the need to care for your little one while he/she is inside you. If you are pregnant right now, you may already be doing that by taking your prenatal vitamins and making sure to eat all the right foods. But, I wanted to bring to your attention another way that you can care for your precious miracle.

imageWe all know we are becoming more and more a wireless world. There’s wireless in our workplaces. There’s wireless in restaurants and coffee shops. There’s wireless in our homes. You may be reading this post on a wireless device. Once, I showed my kids the first telephone we owned (before any of them were born), and they were amused at the spiraling cord attached to the receiver. They also noticed how humongous it was!

Let’s be real. Wireless makes things extremely convenient. But we should be aware that there is a downside to this technological advancement, especially to those who are carrying a baby. Every wireless device emits some level of wireless radiation. Although it is not certain what are the long-term effects, it is always better to be cautious, especially when it concerns a baby. In general, proximity will affect how that radiation can affect the developing baby in the womb. In other words, when it comes to being around anything wireless, a pregnant woman should keep her distance.

The BabySafe Project is an initiative, seeking to spread awareness of the risks of wireless radiation exposure to infants in the womb. They created a list of 10 Ways to Reduce Your Wireless Exposure, such as “avoid carrying your cell phone on your body (e.g. in a pocket or bra)” and “use your cell phone on speaker setting or with an ‘air tube’ headset.” If you are expecting, I would encourage you to take some time to look over this list and discuss them with your spouse and other family members.

I know that implementing some of these changes will, not only affect the expectant mother, but can turn things a bit upside down for the whole family. But consider that some of these measures are only for a few months, the most important months of your baby’s development. I’m not saying you should completely unplug, but perhaps you can forego some of these wireless conveniences just for a brief time if it means reducing the risks to your precious little one.

imageTo download the free brochure, What You Should Know About Wireless Radiation And Your Baby, click here.

Note: I am not being compensated to write this post. When I was approached by Atlanta Mom of Three to consider writing about this issue to increase awareness, I had no hesitations. If you know anyone who will find this information useful, please use the links below to share this post with them.

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6 thoughts on “What You Should Know About Wireless Exposure

    1. It’s definitely food for thought. I have always heard that wireless devices emit some sort of radiation. But nothing is conclusive yet as to the long-term effects. Yet, I think, especially for pregnant women, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. This is SUCH a great post! I love how you presented the information. Thank you for joining in to spread the word. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for posting this. We use corded internet at home. It’s a hassle — especially since my husband’s home office is in an outbuilding. We have a cord running across the backyard fence from the house to his office! I don’t have a cell phone, which isn’t so bad. I grew up in the pre-cell phone era, so I don’t really notice it. My husband has to have one for work, but he keeps it off in the house. It’s so nice to see someone promoting awareness of this issue — it’s not good for kids, either, so this isn’t just good pregnancy information!

    1. That’s great that you are not as wireless-dependent as many of us! When wireless became so accessible and convenient, we started to convert some things in our house, especially when my husband had a business from home. But I realize that wireless also means buying more expensive equipment and devices, which we don’t want to do. I have a cell, but really just use it when needed. If I let my kids use a device, like to play a game or use an app for school, they’re on a timer. I don’t want them to be on it that long anyway, but with the possible wireless exposure, that’s even more reason to be cautious.

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