5 Attitudes to Pack for Your Next Vacation


Who doesn’t love family vacations? When it’s over, I always return with plenty of laundry to wash, souvenirs to display, memories to cherish, and lessons to remember.

Here are some lessons of the heart that I brought home from our recent vacation.

Be Thankful

Finances have kept us from going away as a family for more than a day. So, the opportunity to go for a week gave us a sense of thankfulness. It was something we had to keep reminding our kids because days spent out of our normal routine sometimes led them to believe they can have anything they want.

But, it wasn’t just a lesson for the kids. A thankful attitude helped to ward off an entitlement mentality that can quickly zap the fun out of a family trip.


Be Slow

Family vacations can be such a blur with so much activity. Even if our pace is fast, I can slow my mind to savor each moment with my family. When we went to the beach for the day, I spent most of that time with my 3-year-old, building sand castles, while my husband took the older kids to play in the water. Being with my little one reminded me to slow down and take the time to play with him. Going at a slower pace allowed me to discover new and fun things through his eyes.

Be Flexible

We all woke up early to depart for our trip as planned. Bags were packed and ready to go, and not a single thing was forgotten. Everything was going smoothly on Day 1, but not for long.

Someone was going to have a temper tantrum. Someone was going to pee in their pants. Someone was going to complain about the food. Someone was going to wake me up at 3 in the morning.

In other words, BE FLEXIBLE.


Be Humble

Family vacations are not always going to be fun and games. Eventually we were going to rub each other the wrong way. After rebuking my kids for some bad attitudes, I soon began to see the same selfishness in my own heart. During the times that I forgot to be flexible, I had to learn another valuable lesson when I had to ask my family for forgiveness: BE HUMBLE.

Be a Mother

A family getaway doesn’t equate getting away from my responsibilities as a mother. Just because I am not physically in my house doesn’t mean I don’t have to take care of my home. My environment doesn’t change who I am, who God called me to be. So, whether it was giving my kid a bath or burying his little feet in the sand, my role remained unchanged. I am Mommy.

So when you pack for your next trip, don’t forget the toothbrush, include some extra underwear, but most of all, don’t leave behind the right atittudes of making the most of the time with your loved ones.

What have you done to get your heart and mind ready for family vacations?


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34 thoughts on “5 Attitudes to Pack for Your Next Vacation

  1. Glad you all had some time away! 🙂 Vacations are always character building! This year, we had several “pep talks” before embarking on ours … “Good attitudes” … “Extend much grace” … “Consider what everyone else wants to do” … 🙂

    1. I’m finding that vacation preparations start way before a single bag is packed. Overall, it was a great time to be with the family for building relationships and, as you said, building character.

  2. These are great reminders. ❤
    I would like to just be able to actually GO on vacation…it's been about 4 years. Maybe soon. 🙂

    1. Our last vacation was 3 years before this most recent one. Whenever we start saving up for a vacation, something always seems to come up where we’re having to reallocate those funds to more pressing needs. So, it was a blessing to be able to get away this time. Lord willing, you will be able to go soon! 🙂

    1. That beach is in Southern Cal. Still daydreaming about it right now. I was envying people, who live there and can wake up to that every morning. But then again, I would never get anything done if I lived there.

      1. A SOCAL vacay is a dreamy getaway! My husband is from San Diego and I’d move there in a heartbeat. Everything is gorgeous. Everything.

  3. Oh, I absolutely love that photo of the four of them holding hands!! What great tips of preparation. We are actually huge getaway type people and travel often but I honestly have never “prepared” myself for any of them beforehand. I think this is such a great idea!!

    1. I used to travel a lot when I was single, and I never really considered many of these things before. But, with a family, it’s so different.

  4. Great tips Ai! I can be such a party pooper during vacations. I worry too much when there are delays, I worry if we packed everything we need, and I worry if we deviate too much from the itinerary! Thanks for linking this up at the Whatever Wednesday hop!

    1. I’m with you about the worrying. My husband is always reminding me to relax. Thanks for hosting the blog hop!

  5. Wow very family oriented. I love it! On Be Slow, I always tell my husband to slow down when we’re on our way to our next to go to during vacation, there’s no need to hurry. We own the time on this vacation.

    1. Good point! Besides trying to catch a flight or something like that, we shouldn’t be mastered by time and strict schedules during restful vacations. Thanks for coming by!

  6. Great must-DOs! And I have to say that being flexible is something I really have to learn day by day because I’m much of a planner and it really helps to have an open mind to welcome things that are unexpected.

    1. I’m the same way. I like my checklists and my itinerary all mapped out. It’s been a learning experience.

  7. Found your post on the Valerie’s Blog Party! I had to laugh at the “Be Flexible” blurb because it’s so true to life. No matter how prepared and organized you are for something, there’s always some random, uncontrollable glitch that gets thrown your way.

    1. Thanks for coming by! It’s always good to have a laugh about being flexible while on vacation. I usually laugh more after the fact. 🙂

  8. I’m here from Atlanta Mom of Three’s Blog Party. I spend most of my vacation time with the littlest, too, so it does help me learn to slow down and appreciate the little things alot of us charge on past. Oh, and anyone who has been on vacation with small children had better learn to be flexible, like you said, or they are going to be miserable! Good post! 🙂

  9. This is all wonderful advice. I know when I have done the things mentioned, i’ve been able to imprint more memories to get me through the stressful times back at home. We weren’t able to take an extended family vacation this past Summer and I truly missed it, but it does make me treasure the ones we have had in the past and look forward to our next vacation! Soon I hope!

    1. Yes, when I start getting inflexible about things during vacation, it’s a good reminder that one of the reasons we are doing this is to make memories for our whole family.

    1. And we worry about forgetting to pack toothbrushes and other necessities when those attitudes are the most important things to take along with us!

  10. I have this terrible tendency to go into things, like vacation, with expectations. Often unrealistic ones. I am better off planning one or two things and letting the rest just happen. Yelp and Google are great travel companions! Good post.

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