Words of Advice From a Tired Mom to Another

When baby was keeping Mama up at nights with his karate kicks to her ribs, this began her journey into sleep deprivation. After she brought home this bundle of joy, she was fortunate if she got 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep. And it’s funny that when the baby started sleeping 5 hours straight, this mom was jumping for joy, telling others her little one was sleeping through the night. But when sleeping through the night actually means a full night’s sleep, she shouldn’t expect to enjoy this blissful rest for too long. This might be around the time she is expecting baby #2, and it seems like sleep may never come. And even if there’s no baby #2, something will always come up to jolt her out of dreamland: a child’s bad dream, a pee pee accident, separation anxiety, fear of the dark (and other phobias), and sickness.

What’s a tired mother to do?

… of coffee, tea, or whatever helps you face the morning and all the demands of the day. For me, it’s coffee. It’s not that it keeps me awake for the next few hours. In fact, I’m not even sure caffeine has any effect on me anymore. But, it’s just one of those simple pleasures that I look forward to in the morning. My point is find a little something that you like to start off your day with, to prevent you from looking back longingly at your comfy pillow and help you see that it’s time to begin a new day.

“Seriously? Take a nap? With kids hanging on my legs, when am I supposed to get a little shut-eye?” After my first child was born, an often repeated advice was “Nap when your baby naps.” But what do you do when your child gets too old for naps? When it became apparent that my oldest child was done with nap time, I thought my world would come to an end. But, we made a slight adjustment and called it “rest time” for the older kids. So, no matter how old they are, they go to their rooms for rest/nap time. After an hour, whoever is still awake can get out of bed. That one hour in the afternoon has often provided me with that power nap I needed to make it through the rest of the day.

There may be days when you may not even get to your cup of coffee or when the kids’ nap time has to be chore time for you. With or without these little helps, pray for strength. That strength will not come from you. You are tired, you need more sleep, and there is a long list of things to do. Pray that God would apply that little sleep you did get as if you had the equivalent of a full night’s sleep. Pray because that strength can only come from Him.

“They who wait for The Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:31)

When you are physically exhausted, how do you face the demands of the day?


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14 thoughts on “Words of Advice From a Tired Mom to Another

  1. Sometimes when I am so exhausted and run-down and feel like I can’t go one more day, I cry. Not in front of the kids or anyone else for that matter… Usually in the shower. And surprisingly that is enough to help me snap out of it. 🙂 And prayer, lots of prayer.

    1. Oh yes, I can definitely relate … being so tired that you don’t know how else to let it out except through tears.

  2. I definitely demand for sleep first even just for a short while. I can’t function really well without sleep. LOL but when my toddler was younger, sleep was out of my vocabulary too! I also love to eat my favorite food when I’m so stressed for the day and it usually it makes me happier & maybe stronger.

    1. When sleep doesn’t happen even when we really need it, somehow we get through it. God’s power, not ours.

  3. Oh, there were times when I was crying while on my knees begging the Lord for a few hours of sleep. And coffee actually doesn’t work on me too! For some reasons, it helps me go to sleep at night unless I drink more than 2 cups…. Tsk.

    1. Yes, I’ve found myself begging too, even questioning God, asking Him why He wouldn’t grant me something that I so desperately needed. It really was a test of my faith.

  4. My number one go to is the coffee. Thanks for the reminder of #3 though; this is one I need to be doing much more!

    1. God knows how to get us praying, showing us we need Him even more than the basic necessities of life, like sleep.

  5. If I am really low on sleep, I try to find quieter activities for us to do…you know, a more low-key day. Spend some time cuddling on the couch with a movie together, or some coloring. 🙂

    1. Good suggestion! This is something I need to get better at doing. I get so task-oriented that I get frustrated when things don’t happen the way I plan. I know God uses our fatigue to slow our pace and cause us to change things up. Thank you for the reminder, Valerie!

    1. Oh, yes, me too! After the kids go down, I start doing things I missed during the day or try to get a head start on the next day, even when my body is crying out for sleep. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog title! I’ve lost count how many times I say that each day. That will probably be the epitaph on my tombstone.

  6. I am so bookmarking this… mostly because of the third piece of advice… GET ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY… something I think I’m going to need to physically do to feel submission before God when this baby has me on my last ledge. Thanks for this.

    1. It’s going to be tough those first weeks after the baby is born. Prayer, reading the Word, and memorizing verses helped me. Though it will be difficult, I trust God will use it to draw you closer to Him.

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