Cashing in Store Rewards


Do you have a store club card or rewards card somewhere buried in your wallet or purse? Don’t forget about these cards. Sometimes, there are bonus dollars in them, waiting for you to spend. I just read an article somewhere that only about 2% of the rewards given by stores are actually being used. I can see why.

I almost forgot about my rewards from a nearby office supply store. I don’t go there too often because the prices tend to be higher than places, like Walmart or Target. But at certain times of the year, like back-to-school season, they offer deals that match or are even better than big box stores. So, I go there to purchase things that I was going to buy anyway, but get “paid” in the process. Not bad.

Little did I realize how much reward dollars had accumulated in my card. So, with only one day before they expire, I headed to the office store and went straight to their clearance section to maximize those bonus dollars. Here is what I brought home, and guess how much I paid? $0.34!


On another day at a different store, I was standing in line behind a person, who was asked by the cashier if she wanted to apply for their customer card. Before the cashier even finished his question, the customer declined. I can understand that it can be a hassle to keep track of another card in your wallet. But, if you go to a store often enough, it won’t hurt to get a card if it’s free. If you’re already going to that store to buy items, it’s nice to get a little something extra in the process.

Do you take advantage of your store’s customer loyalty program?


16 thoughts on “Cashing in Store Rewards

  1. They don’t have those too much over here in Italy 😦 But then on the plus side, we have a lot less to keep track of, right? 🙂

  2. Rewards programs can be great! We buy Samuel’s shoes at StrideRite and they have a $10 coupon offer for every $100 you spend, even if it takes a while for you to spend that much. 🙂
    Also, RiteAid has a cool UPs Rewards thing that (if you know how to work it) is AMAZING! I rarely shop there anymore because my husband and I share a car so during the week I don’t have transportation (unless I take him to work), and who wants to go to a bunch of different stores on the weekend?! 😛

    1. Yes, I like Rite Aid, but the one thing is that their rewards expire so quickly, so there have been times I’ve forgotten about the UPs. My hubby thinks I’m crazy for beating myself up over it. I guess it feels like throwing money away when I don’t use the rewards.

  3. Heck yes I take advantage of loyalty program! I love to save money and loyalty cards come in handy. At Walgreens and Shoprite, you can load ecoupons to your cards and save so much money! Plus, those rewards add up! I can’t tell you how many times I will go up to the register to pay for something and find that I have earned “cash” and pay close to nothing. It’s THE best!

  4. Wow, that is incredible! I definitely have to check on some my reward cards buried in the back of my wallet somewhere!

    1. I think these companies are counting on the fact that most people do forget, so it’s a win for them. Yes, look for those rewards! You’ve earned them. 🙂

  5. Awesome deal! Good for you! Sad to say, I don’t usually take advantage of those. That said, the other day, my hubby & daughter came home from CVS picking up his allergy meds, etc. & my daughter informed me that they used a $5 off coupon from the bonus card. Of course, she bought 4 EOS lip balms w/the savings. The good thing is they were also on sale. So, I guess that’s not too bad.

  6. I keep my customer loyalty cards on a key ring in my car so that I won’t forget to bring it with me to the store.

    I don’t have store credit cards though- personal preference – I figure that I would probably forget to pay it, and that saving an extra % off of each purchase may result in me buying more than I intended.

    1. Yes, I would have to agree. The key ring thing makes it super convenient. I agree with you on the store credit cards too. We only have one credit card, which we never really use unless there’s an emergency. Thanks for your comment and taking the time to read!

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