Don’t You Wish Everyday was Art Day


Our very first day of homeschooling was 3 1/2 years ago. My oldest son was 5, starting in Kindergarten. My daughter, who was only 3 years old, eagerly joined us. And my baby was happily (most of the time) occupied in his play yard. We read the story about Johnny Appleseed and talked about where apples come from and how trees grow. But the highlight of the day was making paint stamps from cut apples.

As we were washing our hands from the paint in the bathroom, my kids said, “Mommy, we love school! It’s so much fun!” Ahhh, if only everyday was art day!

Though my children have discovered that there were going to be parts of school that they don’t like so much, that has not diminished their enthusiasm for fun activities, like Art.

Friday’s assignment was to create a family portrait painting.

They love working with their water-soluble crayons! First, they draw their pictures with pencils. Then, they color in, using the crayons. After that, they use their brushes dipped in water to blend the colors. These crayons are great for young children. It allows them to see how colors blend together and discover the results of combining different colors. You have to teach them, though, that they don’t have to color so hard. A little bit goes a long way. We have had this same set for about two years and will probably last us another two.

Typical watercolor sets that you find in the office/school supply section of the store will not yield the same results. Most of the time, the colors just get mixed up as the brushes get dipped and re-dipped, and each color on that tray ends up looking like a small puddle of dark gray.

If you give these a try, I would recommend using good watercolor paper. The ones we use is very heavy (heavier than cardstock), 140 lb (300 g). It has a somewhat rough, matte finish. I’ve used regular paper before, and they just crinkle up after the paint dries. The watercolor paper can be pricey, so I only use it for specific art assignments. But the nice paper really serves well to display their masterpieces. You’ll be amazed at what children can create.

Click here to see their finished works.

Do you have any art activities that you enjoy with your kids?


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18 thoughts on “Don’t You Wish Everyday was Art Day

  1. Their pictures are really pretty. Thanks for sharing about these! I love doing art with my son, but I’ve never even heard of these before.

    1. How old are your boys again? My youngest is 3. He loves doing this, but of course, he’s just swirling his paintbrush all over the paper. But what’s nice about these crayons is that if you use more than one color, you get a nice blending effect when you stroke a wet brush over the colors. If he doesn’t soak it through with all the water, his painting actually looks very nice. 🙂

      1. Love that. The twins are 2 and 4 months. ☺ they’ve actually created some beautiful paintings (in my opinion) but the water color thing is hard because of eater soaking through the paper. Regardless it’s fun to watch them create things!

    1. I hope she enjoys them. We’ve tried different mediums through our art curriculum, and these are, by far, my favorite.

    1. They kind of remind me of those special paint-with-water books, except with these crayons, you have control over what color to use.

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