Health and Fitness Challenge: I’m in!


Before and during my first pregnancy, I was really good about exercising. But as soon as that cute bundle of joy was placed in my arms in that delivery room, all thoughts of exercising went out the window. I think I had enough to think about at the time. I breastfed for a year, and that really shed the pounds off. How long can I keep this up? I thought. Maybe I don’t have to diet and exercise ever again. But, of course, that was not realistic.

I had three more children after that, and during that period of time, I would have momentary spurts of exercise, but I sure got distracted easily. My most recent stint was last year, but I think I was a little over-ambitious. I blew the dust off our P90X DVD set and began my 90-day journey to a healthier me. After the first workout, I realized just how out of shape I was, but I was determined to persevere. Not wanting to miss a day, I even brought the DVD’s with me when my husband and I went away for the weekend for our anniversary. Eventually, those workouts did get easier. Something must have happened though, because P90X became P30X. Needless to say, I think I set my goals a little too high, and it was inevitable that I was going to come crashing down.

I hate setting myself up for failure, so I get apprehensive about joining any kind of health or weight loss challenge, whether in the blogging community or with a few friends. But Atlanta Mom of Three presented a Health and Fitness Challenge that seemed both reasonable and flexible. So, I’m taking up the challenge with my only goal for the month of May being to exercise at least 3 times a week. It’s not as lofty a goal as completing 90 days of Tony Horton’s workouts. But, it’s still enough of a push from my current exercise regimen, which consists of doing chores and carrying my way-too-big 3-year-old son.

We’ll see what happens. I may totally bomb on this challenge. But that’s ok. Maybe that would be a blog post you need to read at the moment: how it’s ok to fail, as long as we get back up.

If you’re feeling pumped to join this challenge, visit Atlanta Mom of Three for details.



6 thoughts on “Health and Fitness Challenge: I’m in!

  1. Sounds great, Ai! Three times a week is my average at the moment too, and typically only 20-30 min each time, but I would love to get back to an hour 5-6 days a week…not now but maybe eventually. 😉
    Anyway, so glad to have you join in! I’ll be posting the Kick-Off tomorrow with my goals and all the participants’ blog names!

  2. I see that health and fitness challenges are one of the hardest goals to keep up with but you’re so right, it’s ok to fail as long as you keep moving and trying again and again. I’ve never been in a formal health challenge. I never had the issue to lose weight, in fact I wanted to gain some weight or just live a healthy life 🙂 I tried avoiding soft drinks and committed to climbing the stairs from the 11F to 12F of our office building. 😀

    Good luck on your challenge!

    1. Thanks, Rea! I think exercising regularly will help my energy level. I notice I start getting extremely tired in the middle of the day, and I can’t solve very thing with coffee. 🙂

  3. My sister is doing P90x. I’m kind-of scared of it, ha ha! I’ve been going 30 day challenges and really been enjoying them. Granted they are short – under 10 minutes a day but that’s probably why I’ve been able to be so consistent at it!

    1. I like the 10 minutes a day thing. That would be doable for me, and I really would have no excuse to skip a workout day. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a great weekend!

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