Getting Chores Under Control (Part 2): BITE-SIZED PIECES

Let’s be realistic. I know that you can probably come up with a good list of things you would rather do than chores. But, no matter how long we can procrastinate, they eventually have to get done. In my last post, I tried to give some practical suggestions on how to get your household chores under control by breaking up that to-do list and doing just one or two things each day. (Click here, if you missed it.)

In addition to splitting up your duties throughout the week, you can also do daily bite-sized tasks that make those chores so much easier to do. Bite-sized means exactly that … it should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like this guy.

For instance, making it a habit to quickly wipe up the stove after cooking or regularly wiping down the counters means less elbow grease on your kitchen-cleaning day. Or, sweeping up the crumbs off the floor after a meal will reduce the spread of the mess to other parts of the house when your children run through the kitchen.

These small tasks are not part of any schedule, but they are just things that I habitually do throughout the day. If you are still trying to start these habits, it may be helpful to have a checklist of about 2-3 tasks that you want done by the time you put your head on the pillow. Pretty soon, this list becomes ingrained in your brain and you’ll do them almost without thinking.

Some bite-sized tasks that I do daily are:

  • straighten up the living room
  • sweep the kitchen floor
  • wipe down toilet, sink, and mirror in the bathroom (This a quick wipe-down. With 4 little kids, our bathroom takes a beating every day.)

With any big job that can potentially overwhelm you, it’s always best to break it up into smaller, more manageable pieces. This is what we did in the last post, dividing up our house into cleaning sections and spreading them out through the week. Developing a habit of completing bite-sized tasks everyday is basically just breaking down your chore list even more.

What are some bite-sized duties you prefer to munch on?

Hope you can join me for the next post in this series of “Getting Chores Under Control”!


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3 thoughts on “Getting Chores Under Control (Part 2): BITE-SIZED PIECES

  1. I seriously would have a disgusting kitchen if I didn’t micro manage my cleaning, aka bite size it into manageable parts. You’re right about making it a habit – sooner than later you just start to do it without thought, which is aaaawesome.

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