Getting Chores Under Control (Part 1): BREAK IT UP

big yellow vacuum, driven by rachel and sequoia - _MG_6371Cleaning my house used to frustrate and overwhelm me after having children. I never knew when I would fit in chores if I was with them all the time unless I did them at 2 am (of course, that didn’t work either when I was up every couple of hours, nursing a newborn).

Here are some things that have been useful for me.


I’m the kind of person who likes to start something full force, finish it, get it over with, and not look back. This seemed to work for me when I was single, but it just wasn’t going to happen with young children to take care of. Those days of getting overwhelmed with chores ended when I realized I didn’t need to clean the whole house in one day.

Break up your chores, and spread them across the week. That way you’re only spending 15-30 minutes each day doing chores. I can easily squeeze in my chores during the kids’ naptime or do them after they go to bed without having to stay up all night to finish them.

Here is how I like to divide up my chores.

Monday – vacuum living room
Tuesday – vacuum bedrooms
Wednesday – dust living room
Thursday – dust bedrooms
Friday – mop kitchen

I have a different list for Week 2 that tackle other parts of the house, and I just alternate between the two lists every week.

You may find a different way that works for you, your house, and your schedule. Perhaps, you want to spread out your chores across four days and use the fifth day as your catch-up day.

I hope this will help you in your role as keeper of your home. I will continue this little series on cleaning in the next post.

What are some obstacles that you currently face in keeping your home clean? What has worked for you in the challenge of staying afloat on the sea of household chores?

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2 thoughts on “Getting Chores Under Control (Part 1): BREAK IT UP

    1. Dividing everything up into small chunks definitely made it less overwhelming. I remember feeling frustrated because I couldn’t keep up, and tackling certain chores took so much time

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