Yes, I’m a Coupon Lady

A couple of years ago, my husband accepted a sales position. He knew it wasn’t a good fit, but he wanted to give it a try anyway. Every aspect of his personality is the complete opposite of what you would expect a salesperson to be. But, he worked hard, and by God’s grace, he did well. However, the job wore him down, and though he really wanted it to work out, he knew it was time to move on. During this time, the job market was tight, and we didn’t know how long he would be out of a job. This was the impetus that launched me to couponing.

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I had some friends who did it. I looked at some couponing websites. But, it just seemed like a lot of work to do for just a few cents saved. And, I kept picturing myself at the grocery store, carrying a purse stuffed with coupons, trying to look for all the specific items, while my kids dangerously swung around the shopping cart. Besides, we already lived pretty frugally anyway, and I couldn’t imagine saving much more.

I have memories of clipping coupons for my mother, but couponers of today are a lot more complex. They don’t just come armed with a handful of coupons from the Sunday paper. They carry binders containing, not only coupons, but sales ads, store policies, calculators, and scissors. Even their mobile devices are ready and loaded with the coupon barcode to flash on to the unsuspecting sales cashier.

Now I’m one of them, but I’m not quite that extreme. I have a binder, but I leave it at home. I have a phone, but not a “smart” one, so no barcode-flashing for me. And, really, life is full enough already. I like couponing and knowing that I can help our family save some money here and there. But I don’t want to be mastered by couponing.

I always have to ask myself, “Am I saving money on things I would buy anyway? Or am I spending more money chasing after the next good deal?”

How about you? Have you tried couponing yet? What has been your experience?

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2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m a Coupon Lady

  1. I used to be afraid of couponing, particularly snagging “freebie” deals by stacking them and using my club card — but now, as I’m expecting my first child, I’m proud to be doing it! I’m more embarrassed by NOT saving money. I think you’re wise to be asking yourself if you’re going to end up spending more by chasing a “good deal”… sometimes that happens, and it sucks. Love your blog!

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